Changes to improve the efficiency of energy licensing

News story
Energy Policy WA is proposing amendments to energy legislation to improve the operation and administration of electricity and gas licensing arrangements.

An Information Paper, Legislative amendments to improve the efficiency of the energy licensing regime, outlines Energy Policy WA’s proposed amendments to the Electricity Industry Act 2004 and the Energy Coordination Act 1994 to improve the efficiency of the electricity and gas licensing schemes.

The legislative amendments aim to reduce compliance costs and regulatory burden for licensees while keeping customer protections.

The amendments will also improve consistency between the electricity and gas licensing regulatory frameworks and assist in streamlining the Economic Regulation Authority’s administration processes related to the energy licensing schemes.

The Information Paper also outlines proposed amendments to remove voltage and frequency limits from the Electricity Act 1945 and place them into the proposed Energy Rules – Western Australia (ER-WA).

Subject to WA Government approvals, Energy Policy WA will progress drafting of the legislative amendments along with any required consequential amendments as part of wider energy sector reforms under Energy and Governance Legislation Reform project.

Page reviewed 11 January 2022