Changes to planning approvals for ancillary dwellings

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The WA Government has introduced relaxed amendments to Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) aimed at boosting housing supply through removing the minimum lot size requirements for an ancillary dwelling commonly known as a granny flat.
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Compliant granny flats on residential lots of any size in Western Australia will no longer require approval under the latest State planning reform initiative to help boost housing supply.

Previously, a minimum lot size of 350sqm was required for an ancillary dwelling or granny flat. However, where a granny flat meets the deemed to comply provisions of the R-Codes it may be exempt from development approval.

Any ancillary dwelling will need to meet setback requirements and must not exceed 70sqm.

The new changes will be released in mid-March 2024 and will become operational by mid-April 2024.

You can find out more about the Residential Design Codes and changes to planning approvals for ancillary dwellings at the Amendments to the Residential Design Codes (Medium Density Codes) page.