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First Problem and Opportunity Statement released
Landgate, Midland

The Department of Finance is coordinating the government’s new Problem and Opportunity Statements (POS) under the Market-led Proposals initiative. 

POSs will offer focused opportunities to do business with Government and invite innovative solutions that support the Government’s COVID-19 recovery plan, stimulating our economy and creating jobs for Western Australians. 

Today’s POS seeks innovative solutions for the current Landgate building in Midland, including the potential sale and re-leasing or repurposing of the building. The building reverts to government ownership in March 2021 and exceeds Landgate’s requirements. The POS aims to find opportunities for better use of the building and better value-for-money for the State.

The POS is coupled with seeking accommodation options for Landgate in the Midland area. The State Government is committed to retaining a public sector presence in Midland, with benefits to the local community.

Submissions are open until 11 September and will be assessed under the MLP Policy's evaluation criteria. 

A series of POSs will be issued over the coming weeks covering issues across various sectors, including health, culture and arts, tourism and the environment.

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Page reviewed 17 August 2020