Incorrectly storing your Will can be a grave mistake

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There's no point in investing time and money writing your Will if it can't be found after you die. Learn more about the The WA Will Bank, a free Will storage service for all Western Australians thanks to the Public Trustee.
Incorrectly storing your will can be grave mistake

So, you’ve prepared your Will and you’re feeling organised and relaxed knowing that your Estate plan is in place and your family and your assets are protected. After completing this important and necessary task, you can get on with enjoying life.

But wait, there’s just one more, simple task you need to do to ensure that your beneficiaries receive what is rightfully theirs without any problems… You must properly store the original Will.

Despite diligently investing time and money maintaining a current and valid Will, many people don't think about the need for it to be safely stored. Inevitably that means that at the very time the Will is required, it can't be found.

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Page reviewed 5 January 2021