More than just words: Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy lays the foundation for delivery of WA Implementation Plan for Closing the Gap

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The WA Government has released its first Closing the Gap Implementation Plan in conjunction with the Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy.
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The WA Government has released its Closing the Gap Implementation Plan (the Plan) together with the Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy (the Strategy) – two WA firsts that will set a new direction for a whole-of-Government approach to Aboriginal affairs, and create lasting impacts that empower and support Aboriginal people in WA.

The Plan outlines the initial phase of actions the WA Government will take to meet its commitments under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

The National Agreement sets out a range of targets for improving Aboriginal economic and social well being, and commits to reforms that support a new way of working between governments, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Plan builds on the foundations of the transformative Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy 2021-2029.

Developed in partnership with the Aboriginal Advisory Council of WA, the Strategy sets out the ways the WA Government will work with Aboriginal Western Australians towards a future in which all Aboriginal people, families and communities are empowered to live good lives and choose their own futures from a secure foundation.

The Strategy also emphasises the importance of healing, truth-telling and Aboriginal-led decision making in achieving agreements and creating lasting change.

The Plan will be revised over time as the WA Government progresses towards achieving its commitments under Closing the Gap. Actions and initiatives that arise from the Aboriginal Empowerment Strategy will also inform future updates of the Plan.  

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Page reviewed 7 September 2021