New recreational fishing rules

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Find out about the new fishing rules, which came into force on 1 July.
A family group fishing from a small boat

New fishing rules are in place to help preserve Western Australia’s valuable stocks of demersal finfish for future generations.

The demersal finfish group lives close to the ocean floor and includes species such as pink snapper and emperors.

The main change is to the finfish possession limit, which means the maximum quantity of finfish, whole or in pieces, a person is allowed to have in their control or ownership.

The new possession limit for a fishing trip is 10kg of finfish fillets from any species, no skin required, plus an additional 10kg, but now only from large pelagic species such as mackerel, with skin on.

This means that fishers won’t accumulate more than 10kg of demersal finfish fillets.

To add to this, there are changes to the rules for filleting fish at sea and for carrying a release weight to maximise the survival of released fish.

There is also a new definition of ‘whole fish’, meaning a large pelagic fish can now be cut in two pieces and still be considered as one fish.

For more details about the new rules, read our media release, FAQ and Recreational fishing guide.

The guide also provides more information about demersal finfish and release weights.

Page reviewed 8 July 2021