Review of the Western Australian Rail Access Regime

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The State Government has announced changes to the Western Australian Rail Access Regime in order for the Regime to better achieve its objective to encourage the efficient use of, and investment in, railway facilities in Western Australia.
Review of the Western Australian Rail Access Regime

Western Australian Treasury has published a Final Decision Paper outlining the recommendations approved by Government. These recommendations have been developed following an extensive review conducted in consultation with key stakeholders and will improve the regime by:

  • changing the asset valuation method to ensure access prices are fair for access seekers and railway owners;
  • improving the efficiency of the regulatory process;
  • increasing transparency and accountability; and
  • providing more protections from unfair discrimination.

Stakeholders will continue to be consulted as the Government drafts the regulatory changes to the Railway (Access) Code that will give effect to the reforms.

For any enquiries about this review please contact Regulatory Reform.

Page reviewed 20 February 2020