Revised Records Management Advice and New Ad Hoc Disposal Authority - Vaccination Status Records

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Updated Records Management Advice and a new Ad Hoc Disposal Authority addressing vaccination status records of employees, volunteers, visitors and third party contractors.
Ad hoc Covid

The WA Government has released the Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for WA workforces

To support this policy, government entities are collecting information from employees about their vaccination status.
The State Records Office strongly recommends that internal policies and procedures are developed and implemented in a consistent way, and that only the minimum required information is collected. You should follow the updated Records Management Advice and the Ad Hoc Disposal Authority approved by the State Records Commission.

The Ad Hoc Disposal Authority provides for the disposal of records related to vaccination status as soon as possible after they are no longer required. This includes disposal of other records collected incidentally along with proof of vaccination but not required for this purpose (for example, information not required to establish vaccination status).

If your entity requires further advice on managing these records, please email

Page reviewed 19 January 2022