ServiceWA to reform government service delivery for Western Australians

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State Budget includes $6.9 million to pilot a “one-stop shop” that will change the way government delivers services to the community
Service WA

ServiceWA is putting the citizen at the centre of service delivery by piloting a simplified way to access transactional government services.

The State Budget includes $6.9 million over the period 2019-20 to 2021-22 for the cross-government initiative involving the Departments of Finance, Transport and the Premier and Cabinet.

In 2020, ServiceWA will launch a citizen service centre in Bunbury to provide a single point of contact for 85 everyday services, currently delivered by the Departments of Transport, Justice, Communities, Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Western Australia Police Force.

The initiative will be supported by an expanded online service directory on the,au website which is accessible to all Western Australians.

ServiceWA will provide a more contemporary and coordinated experience for citizens and is similar to approaches taken in other jurisdictions to simplify government service delivery.

“By creating a one-stop shop, it will reduce frustration, travelling time, waiting in queues and searching for the right department," Premier Mark McGowan said.

“This is the first step to reforming face-to-face and online service delivery, to improve access to government services.”

More details are available in the media statement.


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Page reviewed 16 October 2020