Virtual outreach in the Pilbara

News story
On 31 May the Equal Opportunity Commission, together with the WA and Commonwealth Ombudsman, HaDSCO and the Corruption and Crime Commission ran a virtual outreach forum for community members in the Pilbara from the WA Ombudsman's office in Albert Facey House.
State Government officers at the forum beside their banners

Forum attendees included officers from Pilbara Community Services, Pilbara Community Legal Services in Karratha and South Hedland, Mission Australia and the Nintirri Centre.

Community Education and Outreach Officer Stephen Goodall gave the presentation on behalf of the Equal Opportunity Commission, informing attendees about their rights and obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

He said the presentations were then followed by a Q&A session from the attendees in the Pilbara. 

"It was a really innovative way to deliver outreach to the regions," Stephen said.

He said while the virtual forum wouldn't replace face to face outreach in the regions, it was an excellent initiative that could enhance regional visits by the various government agencies.

"Western Australia is a huge state which makes it difficult to have an extensive regional presence, however virtual forums and information sessions such as these allow us to maintain contact with regional areas in between visits to those areas," he said.

Page reviewed 3 June 2021