WA Recovery - New experience to camp with Aboriginal custodians

Case study
The Australia-first initiative generates income and jobs for local people.
Aboriginal tour guide talking to campers

An Australia-first initiative, Camping with Custodians, gives campers the chance to meet and mix with Aboriginal custodians, with the proceeds of their visit generating income and jobs for local people.

This Tourism WA initiative involves developing high quality campgrounds on Aboriginal lands which are open to the public and operated by the community.

The Mimbi community 90 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing operates one of the campgrounds, which is popular with people exploring the nearby Mimbi Caves.

Chairperson Rosemary Nugget says the campground is the pride of the community.

“It gives us the chance to package up guided walks with an overnight stay,” she says.

“Community people have the opportunity to work on country and I am looking for new guides and campground maintenance workers to train up for the future.”

For more information see WA Recovery: Economy and Industry

Page reviewed 10 November 2020