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Constable Mmuluki Moyo of the Western Australia Police Force knows first hand the trauma associated with road crashes where speed is determined to be a factor.

Constable Moyo is one of the serving WA Police Force officers featured in the State Government’s new speed enforcement community education campaign We’re watching you.

The officers appear in the back seat of a vehicle where the driver is not paying attention to the speed at which they are travelling.

The result is they are stopped by police for exceeding the speed limit.

The Road Safety Commission went behind the scenes at the campaign television commercial shoot where Constable Moyo shared his experience of being a first responder.

“Speeding is a problem on our roads that results in a lot of accidents, some of them fatal and some critical,” said Constable Moyo.

“I have responded to a high-speed car crash, where somebody speeding ended up blowing a red light and they crashed into two cars.

“We had two people trapped in the victims’ cars and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all.”

Constable Moyo said it was traumatic to see two innocent drivers seriously injured due to actions of a speeding driver.

“We’re out there any time, anywhere. You’ll never know when we’ll catch up to you.”

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Indigenous Advertising

In an effort to provide road safety messaging in a culturally sensitive and acceptable format, we approached Goolarri Media Enterprises (GME) which is located in Broome, to write, produce and schedule the appropriate We’re watching your speed. Are you? message to the Aboriginal people in the north-west of WA. GME is run by, employs, uses and trains Aboriginal people in all aspects of media in the North-West of the state.

GME has produced this TVC which will air through their network.


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