Working together to reform our criminal justice system

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The work of the Justice Planning and Reform Committee (JPRC) illustrates a new way of working in the public sector driven by collaboration at all levels
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Collaboration is not just about talking. It is about acting in a coordinated, disciplined and purposeful way to deliver results, and that is what the JPRC is doing.

Darren Foster, JPRC Chair; Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

The Justice Planning and Reform Committee was established by the State Government in 2017 to take a holistic, collaborative approach to making our criminal justice system work more effectively and efficiently.

The case study Working together for Western Australia to reform our criminal justice system (PDF) describes the work of the JPRC to deliver evidence-based initiatives aimed at addressing the growth of the adult prisoner population, delivering cost efficiencies and infrastructure planning.

The JPRC’s approach is indicative of a culture change being driven across government to deliver a high-performing and collaborative public sector that delivers better services and outcomes for Western Australians.

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Page reviewed 16 January 2020