COVID-19 coronavirus: Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination information

To safeguard WA essential services and businesses for the long-term.

From Friday 10 June 2022, vaccine mandates only apply to workforces working with the most vulnerable to protect them from severe disease. This includes:

  • healthcare and health support workers in hospitals and primary health care settings;
  • workers in residential aged care facilities; and
  • disability support accommodation workers.

Workers captured under the mandatory vaccination directions must have their third (booster) dose administered within one calendar month of becoming eligible. People providing support to individuals in a private residential (home) setting, are not subject to the mandatory vaccination requirements. 

Anyone aged 16 years and older who had their second COVID-19 vaccination three or more months ago is eligible for a third dose.

For information about showing proof of vaccination, see the ‘Compliance for employers and staff’ section below.

Additional mandatory vaccination cohort details (external link) can be found on HealthyWA’s website. 

Compliance for employers and staff

Learn more about compliance requirements for employers and their employees.

Each employer or person in charge of a workplace must ensure that their employees are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations, or exempt from vaccination.

Employees can show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations to their employer in a number of ways. The Chief Health Officer has approved the following forms of evidence as proof of vaccination against COVID‑19:

  • an Australian Government COVID-19 vaccination certificate or an Immunisation Statement recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register
  • an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by the Australian Government.
  • written confirmation issued by the WA Department of Health of the COVID-19 vaccination received by them.
  • a foreign vaccination certificate issued to the person which meets the criteria set out by the Australian Passport Office.
  • a digital certificate contained in an approved app showing the COVID-19 vaccination received by that person.

For information about how to obtain your proof of vaccination from the Australian Government, see the Proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Employers should inform their employees about how to provide proof of vaccination in the approved format.

Employers are required to securely keep a record of their employees’ vaccination status. It is at the discretion of an individual business where the information is stored. The directions require all reasonable steps are taken to protect the records from misuse and loss and unauthorised access, alterations or further release.

If an employee does not show proof of their vaccination status, and they do not have an exemption, the employee will not be able to access workplaces subject to the Directions.

Employers should facilitate a proactive approach which ensures employees are aware of their requirement as an employee to be vaccinated against COVID‑19, in accordance with the Directions and where necessary, prioritise vaccinations for employees.

Exemptions on medical grounds must be obtained from the Australian Immunisation Register, using their IM011 form (external link) which can be completed by an employee’s GP or certain specialist medical practitioners.

For more information, see the Mandatory vaccination FAQs (external link).

Page reviewed 21 June 2022