WA Recovery: Community

Find out how we’re helping Western Australians, including vulnerable people, to once more be part of our vibrant and innovative community.

Last updated: 16 December 2020 at 11.40am

Supporting vulnerable communities 

Women in kitchen preparing food

Supporting our local communities and vulnerable people is key to regrouping and preparing for the road ahead.

Read about supporting vulnerable communities.

Case study: A COVID-19 Relief Fund grant is helping two refuges operate 24 hours a day.

“The grant means that we can provide security, as well as offering opportunities to women from non-English speaking backgrounds with no income.” - Anne Moore, Executive Officer, Lucy Saw Centre

Increasing employment opportunities

Photo of Megan Feaver, electrician

Rebuilding WA’s workforce is critical for recovery.

Read about increasing employment opportunities.

Case study: With $229.2 million being invested in our TAFE system and to support employers taking on apprentices and trainees, there’s no better time for Western Australians to step up, reskill and contribute to rebuilding our economy.

“The expansion of the Lower Fees, Local Skills program and incentives for employers will be a huge benefit for up and coming apprentices and trainees." - Megan Feaver, Electrician

Strengthening our healthcare system

Strengthening WA’s healthcare system and putting patients first is essential to keep Western Australians safe.

Read about strengthening our healthcare system.

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