WA Recovery: Economy and Industry

Find out about how we’re boosting the economy, creating jobs and helping industries rebuild.

Last updated: 16 December 2020 at 11.39am

Helping businesses

Aboriginal tour guide talking to campers

We’re boosting the economy, creating jobs and helping industries rebuild through investment, incentives and ongoing assistance for regions and businesses.

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Case study: An Australia-first initiative gives campers the chance to meet and mix with Aboriginal custodians, with the proceeds of their visit generating income and jobs for local people.

"I am looking for new guides and campground maintenance workers to train up for the future." - Rosemary Nugget, Chairperson, Camping with Custodians

Building homes

Photo of family kicking a soccer ball who have built a new house

We're helping restart the housing and construction sectors by providing incentives to build new homes, creating jobs, and delivering more social and affordable housing.

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Case study: Here's why housing grants are rebuilding hope.

"News of the Building Bonus sparked a 132 per cent increase in groups visiting display homes." - Cath Hart, Executive Director, Housing Industry Association WA

Developing industry

Mine workers in front of a large excavator

We're supporting the growth and development of new and established industries.

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Case study: Find out how autonomous trucks could help keep WA dollars in WA

"The involvement of local businesses in this project shows the growing capability in the state for technologies and advanced manufacturing." - Marie Bourgoin, General Manager, BHP Newman Operations

Reducing red tape

We're unlocking barriers to private investment. Major reforms to the State’s planning system are driving economic activity, protecting jobs and creating new opportunities for Western Australians.

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