Cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products CUACKB2015

Common Use Arrangement (CUA) buyers guide for agency staff who need to buy cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products.

The Cleaning, Kitchen and Bathroom Products arrangement comprises two key categories:

Category A: customised distribution
Category B: general distribution

In accordance with Western Australian Procurement Rules, you can buy outside of this CUA and directly source from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) or Aboriginal Business


This CUA is mandatory for the Perth metropolitan region and non-mandatory in the regions for State agencies. 
If your delivery point is regional WA you may:
•    Purchase under the applicable CUA from a CUA contractor; or
•    Exercise your discretion to purchase outside the CUA, and purchase in accordance with Western Australian Procurement Rules and Buy Local policy.  
Before you buy, also check that your purchase falls within your organisation's procurement policies.

In accordance with Western Australian Procurement Rules, you can buy outside of this CUA and directly source from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) or Aboriginal Business

Applicable GCOC

The General Conditions of Contract (August 2012) apply to this CUA.

Category A: customised distribution

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This CUA offers a choice of two suppliers, who provide a range of cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products. Category A requires a Service Level Agreement to stipulate all your agency’s needs.

Your supplier of choice will arrange for delivery to multiple or nominated sites with orders packaged for direct distribution to customers.

Category B: general distribution

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A pick and buy arrangement from a panel of suppliers across all eight product groups.

Name of product Description

Paper bags, plastic bags, re-usable shopping bags, bin liners, kitchen bags, waste bags (including clinical and sanitary) and other paper and plastic bags.

Does not include vacuum cleaner bags and vomit bags.

Chemical products

Chemical cleaners, air fresheners, deodorisers, hand cleaners and liquid soaps, glass cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents, disinfectants, polishes, and hospital-based products.

Does not include soap bars.

Cleaning products Bins, buckets, brooms, mops, brushes, dusters, pads, handles for cleaning tools, vacuum cleaner bags, safety glasses, non-surgical protective face masks, sponges and squeegees, sanitary/nappy units and refill cartridges/liners, cleaning trolleys and carts.
Gloves Cotton, rubber, latex, vinyl gloves and safety gloves.
Kitchen products Disposable paper or plastic plates, disposable cutlery, disposable cups, disposable bowls, disposable containers, lids, napkins, doyleys, baking paper and food wraps including grease-proof paper.
Paper towels and tissues

Facial tissues, toilet paper and paper towels, bench rolls and couch rolls.

Does not include napkins.

Personal products

Toothbrushes, soap bars, deodorant, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, combs, razors, shaving cream, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Does not include hand cleaners and liquid soaps.

Wiping cloths General and heavy duty wiping cloths, microfiber cloths, rags and wet wipes.

Out of scope activity

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The following products are considered out of scope of this CUA due to other arrangements and/or their inclusion on other agency specific contracts:

  • Airway maintenance and oxygen therapy consumables
  • HCNS110809 antiseptics and disinfectants (applicable to WA Public Healthcare units only)
  • Bandages, cotton products, splints and braces
  • Clinical protective apparel
  • Continence management products
  • Garden pest and weed control products
  • General medical supplies including vomit bags.
  • Sharps consumables and disposable biohazard containers
  • Medical tapes and dressings
  • Patient aids and appliances
  • Sterile and non-sterile medical gloves (applicable to WA Public Healthcare units only)
  • Specimen cups
  • Denture-related products
  • Non-disposable kitchenware
  • Tea towels
  • Vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, polishers, pressure washers, burnishers and extractors.
  • Cleaning equipment spare parts and consumables, including vacuum cleaner bags for schools (applicable to Department of Education only).

Please note that Category A and B do not include any arrangement for the supply, removal and installation of dispensers for products. Customers will need to make their own arrangements in regard to these requirements as part of their Customer Contract.

Other policy requirements

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State agencies should be aware of the following requirements under Western Australian Procurement Rules as they apply to purchases from this CUA.  The below table is a summary of the requirements, and State agencies are encouraged to review the WA Procurement Rules.

Requirement WA Procurement Rules
Procurement Planning
Buyers must prepare a procurement plan and submit it to the State Tenders Review Committee. No, not required when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must involve the Department of Finance. No, buyers do not need to involve the Department of Finance when purchasing from this CUA. (WA Procurement Rule C1)
Buyers must obtain approval from an authorised officer of the Department of Finance to purchase through an alternative arrangement to this CUA. Yes, for all values and delivery locations where the purchase of goods and / or services under the CUA are mandatory (WA Procurement Rule C2.2).
Please note that State agencies are not required to request advice or approval from the Department of Finance, regardless of value, to purchase from an ADE or an Aboriginal Business (WA Procurement Rule C2.2).
Request Development and Contract Formation
Buyers must prepare an evaluation report. No, not required when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must submit an evaluation report to the State Tender Review Committee. No, not required when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must publish details of their purchase on Tenders WA. Not when purchasing from this CUA (WA Procurement Rule D8.1(3)).
Buyers must record the purchase on the agency’s contract register, as instructed within the buying agency’s financial management manual. Yes, for all purchases above $50,000 (WA Procurement Rule F5), unless alternative arrangements have been approved under WA Procurement Rule F5(6).
Contract Management
Buyers must prepare a contract management plan. Contract management or project management plans must be developed for all Procurements with a Total Estimated Value of $5 million and above (WA Procurement Rule E1(1)), unless exempted under WA Procurement Rule E1(2).
Buyers must publish details of contract variations on Tenders WA. Not when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must seek advice from the Department of Finance on variations. No, State agencies do not need to seek advice from the Department of Finance on variations.

Exemption from using this CUA

Finance is responsible for processing and approving all requests from State agencies seeking exemption from using a mandatory CUA. Requests for an exemption are considered on a case-by-case basis, and a requesting agency must be able to demonstrate that a business need cannot be adequately met by the relevant CUA.

Exemption requests should be directed to the Assistant Director Procurement Frameworks through an email to the contract manager in the first instance. Requests for exemption may be received by posted letter or email, but must be in writing and provide sufficient explanation and background to enable the request to be considered. The requesting officer should be the Accountable Authority or delegate of the agency.

For guidelines on what to include in an exemption request, please refer to the Procurement Practice Guidelines - Common Use Arrangements.


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How does this CUA impact on people and planet?

As part of the tender process, contractors on this arrangement have provided details of, and have been evaluated on, their corporate social and environmental responsibility, and the initiatives they have in place to support this.

This included details of the steps taken to minimise the environmental impact in the production or manufacturing process, distribution, use and disposal of products.

Specific information required included:

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) eg. ISO 14001, European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), or equivalent.
  • Products certified by a Type 1 environmental label that was developed in accordance with ISO 14024 or equivalent eg. Good Environmental Choice Australia Ltd - GECA 17-2007 label.
  • Whether or not the organisation is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant or similar convention.
  • Any awards or recognition that the organisation has achieved or been nominated for, in relation to its sustainability or environmental performance.
  • Sustainable Initiatives including but not limited to:
    • Strategies adopted to monitor and reduce carbon emissions and/or greenhouse emissions.
    • Participation in carbon offset programs.
    • Energy efficient practices and the use of renewable energy.
    • Any take back of packaging supplied with products and evidence that the collected packaging is recycled and/or reused.
    • Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact associated with the supply chain of the products in its entirety.
  • The criteria used by the organisation to determine that a product is classified as sustainable.

Who are the contractors?

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Contractor Category A - customised distribution Category B - general distribution
Bunzl Outsourcing Yes  
Complete Office Supplies (COS)   Yes
The Goods   Yes
Winc. Yes  

For further information, please contact the contract manager listed in the right column.

Making the most of this contract

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Buying tips

  • Category A (Customised Distribution): use the Service Level Agreement Form for Bunzl or Winc to seek quotes and select a sole supplier if you wish to stipulate your service requirements.
  • Category B (General Distribution): a one-stop-shop is available from all three suppliers across the eight product groups. Shop around the different suppliers to make sure you are getting the best price.
  • When opening an account or placing orders, advise the supplier that you are an approved CUA user to make sure you are getting CUA prices.
  • To view government pricing go to each supplier's website. You will need to establish an account and obtain a login.
  • Check suppliers' delivery charges and product lead times for Category B (General Distribution) in the After I Buy section.

What will it cost?

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This CUA offers fixed prices for the initial twelve months. After twelve months, contractors are able to request a price increase to Finance based on the Consumer Price Index, All Group, Perth. The new prices will then be held firm for the next twelve months.

To view government pricing go to each supplier's website. You will need to establish an account and obtain a login. Be sure to let the contractor know that you are an approved CUA user to make sure you are getting CUA prices.

Other discounts

Customers are entitled to discounts off the list price for items which fall within the scope of the CUA but may not be listed on the supplier’s website. The discounts are listed in the following table:

Supplier Discount offered
Category A
Bunzl Outsourcing 20% discount
Winc. Up to 25% discount
Category B
Complete Office Supplies Bags 50%
Paper towels and tissues 45%
Cleaning products 35%
Wiping cloths 45%
Chemical products 35%
Kitchen products 30%
Gloves 45%
Personal products 35%
The Goods Australia 25-45% discount


Fees and product lead times for Category B: general distribution.

Fees and Times Complete Office Supplies The Goods
Fees Free into store to Perth metro area. (No minimum order requirements apply).
Free delivery to all regional WA locations where the order value is above $200 exclusive GST. 
For all orders below $200 exclusive GST, a $20 handling fee will apply.
Free into store to Perth metro area. 
No minimum order requirements apply.
Metro lead time Next business day delivery Same business day and next business day delivery.
Regional lead time 1-2 working days Next business day delivery to a nominated Perth metropolitan transport carrier.
Cut off times for placing orders 

For next day metro delivery: 5.00 pm

Regional WA: 3.00 pm

For same day metro delivery: 9.00am
For next day metro delivery: 12.00pm
Regional WA: 12.00pm

Payment by Purchasing Card

The government Purchasing Card offers a quick and convenient method of payment allowing many goods and services to be efficiently purchased.

Always remember to inform the supplier that you will be paying by Government Purchasing Card, at the time of ordering the product or service, and ensure they clearly understand that they must send the tax invoice directly to you, the cardholder.

How do I buy?

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Category A: Customised Distribution

Agency specific arrangements

Customers have the option of using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to negotiate their specific agency requirements with the contractors.

Customers should detail their specific agency requirements such as:

  • set delivery points and timelines
  • distribution locations
  • customised / restricted product lists
  • procurement system integration
  • agency specific access to premises requirements.

For SLAs specific to each contractor, please see:

Establishing Service Level Agreements

Entering into a SLA with a supplier for Category A gives you an opportunity to negotiate additional services through the contract, or may assist with attracting a greater discount on CUA products. For example, some suppliers may be willing to offer a further discount to the CUA price should you enter an agreement to purchase from that supplier as a sole supplier.

All SLAs should be established within the boundaries of the CUA. This means that the SLA will fall under the CUA terms and conditions and within the timeframe of the CUA. Do not agree or sign any alternative terms and conditions and do not agree to enter into a contract with the supplier beyond the term of the contract.

The>contract manager (listed in the right column) is available to provide advice on how to complete an SLA.

Category B: General Distribution

Buying direct

Prices for Category B are fixed so buyers can pick and buy the specified products from the contractors.

Buyers should view each supplier’s website to obtain up to date prices for the items they require. Please note you will need to establish an account and have a login to access Government prices.

Orders should be placed directly with contractors

After I buy

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The supplier is obliged to pay all costs, including freight costs, incurred by the agency as a result of incorrectly supplied or damaged goods.

Buyers wishing to return products incorrectly ordered, incorrectly supplied or due to change of mind, must ensure the product is in its original packaging, unopened and in a resalable condition. Agency specific products cannot be returned. Please contact the suppliers directly for further information.

Supporting information

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Do I have to buy from this contract if I am purchasing from a regional location?

No. This CUA is only mandatory for Public Authorities in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Do I need to get quotes?

Simply contact the contractor for the products you wish to order and place your order.

What happens if I need to purchase products that are not available on the product catalogues?

You will need to approach any or all suppliers on the panel to see whether they can source your requirements. All suppliers offer a discount for items not listed on their website as long as the products fall within the scope of the CUA.

If the product cannot be sourced by any of the panel suppliers, then you will need to source such products in accordance with Western Australian Procurement Rules. Details of your purchased products should be advised to the contract manager as there may be an opportunity to include such products within the CUA.

How does Finance manage the contract?

The suppliers, at the end of every quarter, report to Finance on the range of products purchased by Public Authorities. This enables Finance to monitor the performance of the contract against Key Performance Indicators and contractor compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

What do I do if I am unhappy with the service of a contractor?

Government Procurement aims to continuously improve the services it provides to customers and welcomes feedback on the level of satisfaction experienced under this contract or with the contractor(s) performance. If you are dissatisfied with the goods and/or service provided by the contractor or have any specific concerns, these should be discussed in the first instance directly with the contractor.

If the problem or issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, please log your complaints via Finance’s online Feedback Management System

The online form provides for both complimentary feedback and complaint resolution considerations.


Bunzl Outsourcing (Bunzl Outsourcing Services Limited)

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Contact details

Contact name:
Vikki Passmore
General telephone:
Customer service 08 6116 6888
Bunzl Outsourcing (Bunzl Outsourcing Services Limited)

About us

007 286 133
99 007 286 133

Contractor Benefits

  • Free into store delivery for destinations outside of the Perth metropolitan area
  • Dedicated drivers to effect delivery to multiple locations
  • Delivery staff with police clearance
  • Customised product packaging
  • Electronic Data Integration (for compatible ordering systems)
  • Customised reporting
  • Monthly consolidated invoicing
  • After hours support.
Last updated: 16 September 2021

Complete Office Supplies (COS)

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Contact details

Contact name:
Paul Kaye
General telephone:
Complete Office Supplies (COS)

About us

001 634 715
92 001 634 715

Contractor Benefits

  • 15% of all profits go to Australian charities
  • Perth based account management and customer service department
  • Free delivery with no minimum order requirements within the Perth metropolitan area
  • Free delivery outside the Perth metro area, subject to $200 minimum order requirements
  • Live order tracking
  • Customisable online ordering system (COSNet)
  • Consolidated invoicing on request
  • COSnet training available on request
  • Detailed customised reporting
  • System integration specialists

Effective from 16th November 2020 Complete Office Supplies will be applying a minimum order value of $15.

Last updated: 29 September 2021

The Goods (Campbell’s Janitor Supplies Pty Ltd)

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Contact details

Contact name:
Ritchie Campbell
General telephone:
The Goods (Campbell’s Janitor Supplies Pty Ltd)

About us

37 008 723 626

Contractor Benefits

  • Same day delivery for emergency/urgent orders
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Specialised custom packaging
  • Specialised product sourcing
  • Delivery staff with police clearance
  • Free delivery to Perth metropolitan area
  • Monthly consolidated invoicing
  • After hours support between 5:00pm-9:00pm AWST.
Last updated: 4 December 2019

Winc Australia Pty Ltd

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Contact details

Contact name:
Angellina Willsher
General telephone:

About us

000 728 398
94 000 728 398

Contractor Profile

  • Category A: Customised Distribution Settlement discount (1% discount for payment within 7 days and 0.5% discount for payment within 14 days)
  • Dedicated account management and Online training available
  • Free into store delivery to regional WA
  • Kitting solutions
  • Vending solutions
  • After-hours unmanned delivery options: Winc. spot barcode GPS
  • After hours support till 8:00pm AWST
  • Consolidated invoicing on request
  • Electronic billing
  • Detailed customised reporting and management reporting
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Electronic Data Integration implementation (for compatible ordering systems)
Last updated: 10 August 2021
Page reviewed 26 July 2022