Office Stationery and Consumables CUASTA2014

Common use arrangement (CUA) buyers guide for agency staff buying office stationery and consumables

The office stationery and consumables CUA comprises:

  • Category A: Office stationery and office kitchen provisions 
  • Category B: Copy paper
  • Category C: Envelopes

In accordance with Western Australian Procurement Rules, you can buy outside of this CUA and directly source from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) or Aboriginal Business

The General Conditions of Contract August 2012 applies to this arrangement.

Metro and regional

It is applicable state-wide and is:

  • Mandatory for Public Authorities located in the Perth metropolitan area for Category A (subcategory Office Stationery), Category B (Copy Paper) and Category C (Envelopes)
  • Optional for Public Authorities located in the Perth metropolitan area for Category A (subcategory Office Kitchen Provisions)
  • Not mandatory for Public Authorities located in Western Australia regional areas where they may purchase outside the CUA, in accordance with the provisions of the Buy Local policy
  • Optional for other CUA Approved Users

Schools are required to use this mandatory CUA if the stationery purchased is for administration (office) use within the Perth metropolitan area. Schools are not required to use this CUA if the stationery is for use in the classroom. If the item/s being purchased are required for instructional/educational purposes in the classroom it is not considered a stationery item. These items can be purchased in accordance with the Western Australian Procurement Rules Open and Effective Competition policy

What's on offer?

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Category A: Office stationery

A wide range of office stationery, including:

  • adhesives, tapes and dispensers
  • binding machines and supplies
  • book ends and magazine holders
  • books and pads
  • calculators
  • cash boxes and key accessories
  • conference and presentation
  • cutters and trimmers
  • desk and office accessories
  • diaries and planners 
  • electrical supplies
  • media and computer accessories
  • filing and storage
  • labelling and labelling tapes
  • laminating machines and supplies
  • mailing, packaging and stamp supplies
  • paper rolls and refills 
  • shredders
  • stamps
  • staplers and fasteners
  • technology – disks
  • torches and batteries
  • writing implements

Category A: Office kitchen provisions

A range of office kitchen consumables for non-bulk purchases, including:

  • cleaning wipes
  • confectionery and biscuits
  • dishwashing liquid and cleaners
  • kitchen utensils and containers
  • paper towels, facial tissues, napkins
  • tea, coffee, sugar and beverages
  • waste bins and bin liners

Category B: Copy paper

A range of 80gsm A4, A3 and A5 copy paper in white, recycled, carbon neutral, Australian Made, pastel colours and bright colours can be found in the Price Schedule.

See Sustainability for tips on reducing paper wastage.

Category C: Envelopes

A range of unprinted, overprinted and interoffice envelopes in a variety of sizes and seals including:  

  • white, gold and craft minimum 80gsm paper
  • banker, wallet and pocket envelopes 
  • plain-faced and window-faced options
  • secretive and non-secretive options
  • a draw down facility for management of envelopes stock.

See the Australian Paper Order Form and Envelope Guide for more information relating to envelopes.

Non-defined items

In addition to items available in the price schedules, customers can source items from CUA suppliers that are within the scope of the CUA but are not in the defined list of items.

Suppliers have agreed to provide a discount from the wholesale/retail price as listed in the table below:

Supplier Office Stationery and Office Kitchen Provisions Copy Paper Envelopes
Opal Australian Paper N/A N/A Up to 25%

Complete Office Supplies (COS)
Up to 45% Up to 35% N/A
Winc Australia Pty Limited (formerly Staples) Average 25% Average 25% N/A

Vendor refill services

A solution to your office stationery restocking requirements is available through the CUA. All three Office Stationery and Consumables suppliers can provide a vendor refill service. Should you wish to go down this path, you will need to negotiate your requirements directly with the CUA suppliers.  Please note that this service may be subject to meeting ongoing volume and quantity of orders as well as other administrative set up costs.  

The following CUA suppliers provide vendor refill services:

Supplier Frequency Costs Minimum Usage
Complete Office Supplies Fortnightly stocktake
Restock within 2 days

Upfront cost per cupboard: $600
Restocking charge: $10 per order, per cupboard

$1000 spend per month

Winc Australia Pty Limited (formerly Staples)

2 or 4 weekly stocktake
Restock within 2 days
Varies by customer, contact Winc Australia Pty Limited Based on volume

Out of scope activity

The following products are considered out of scope of the CUA due to their inclusion on other whole of government arrangements or agency specific contracts:

  • school stationery* (e.g. classroom and teaching materials)
  • printed stationery (e.g. business cards, letterheads and short run copying services)
  • office furniture requirements
  • computer hardware (eg. PCs and Notebooks)
  • software requirements
  • telecommunications equipment
  • photocopiers, printers and multifunction devices
  • toners and ink cartridges
  • digital and audiovisual equipment
  • bulk groceries
  • bulk cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products.

*Schools will still access the CUA for their office administrative requirements and for copy paper and envelopes.

There is no CUA for printed stationery such as business cards, letterheads and short run document copying services. Printed stationery is not included within the scope of the Office Stationery CUA.

Other useful contracts

The following products are not within the scope of CUASTA2014 as they are available through other CUAs.  If you wish to purchase these products, please follow the links below:

Other policy requirements

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Buyers should be aware of the following requirements under Western Australian Procurement Rules and Treasurer’s Instruction 820, and whether or not they are applicable to purchases from this CUA:

Requirement WA Procurement Rules
Procurement Planning
Buyers must prepare a procurement plan and submit it to the State Tenders Review Committee. No, not required when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must involve the Department of Finance. No, buyers do not need to involve the Department of Finance when purchasing from this CUA. (WA Procurement Rule C1)
Buyers must obtain approval from an authorised officer of the Department of Finance to purchase through an alternative arrangement to this CUA. Yes, for all values and delivery locations where the purchase of goods and / or services under the CUA are mandatory (WA Procurement Rule C2.2).
Please note that State agencies are not required to request advice or approval from the Department of Finance, regardless of value, to purchase from an ADE or an Aboriginal Business (WA Procurement Rule C2.2).
Request Development and Contract Formation
Buyers must prepare an evaluation report. No, not required when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must submit an evaluation report to the State Tender Review Committee. No, not required when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must publish details of their purchase on Tenders WA. Not when purchasing from this CUA (WA Procurement Rule D8.1(3)).
Buyers must record the purchase on the agency’s contract register, as instructed within the buying agency’s financial management manual. Yes, for all purchases above $50,000 (WA Procurement Rule F5), unless alternative arrangements have been approved under WA Procurement Rule F5(6).
Contract Management
Buyers must prepare a contract management plan. Contract management or project management plans must be developed for all Procurements with a Total Estimated Value of $5 million and above (WA Procurement Rule E1(1)), unless exempted under WA Procurement Rule E1(2).
Buyers must publish details of contract variations on Tenders WA. Not when purchasing from this CUA.
Buyers must seek advice from the Department of Finance on variations. No, State agencies do not need to seek advice from the Department of Finance on variations.

Exemption from using this CUA

Finance is responsible for processing and approving all requests from State agencies seeking exemption from using a mandatory CUA. Requests for an exemption are considered on a case-by-case basis, and a requesting agency must be able to demonstrate that a business need cannot be adequately met by the relevant CUA.

Exemption requests should be directed to the Assistant Director Procurement Frameworks through an email to the contract manager in the first instance. Requests for exemption may be received by posted letter or email, but must be in writing and provide sufficient explanation and background to enable the request to be considered. The requesting officer should be the Accountable Authority or delegate of the agency.

For guidelines on what to include in an exemption request, please refer to the Procurement Practice Guidelines - Common Use Arrangements.


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How does this CUA impact on people and planet?

As part of the tender process, contractors on this arrangement have provided details of, and have been evaluated on, their corporate social and environmental responsibility, and the initiatives they have in place to support this.

Copy paper

The copy paper available on this CUA has been selected in accordance with sustainable procurement practices. All contracted copy paper has met sustainability requirements regarding virgin fibre content, recycled fibre content and fibre bleaching processes. These requirements ensure the products available enable buyers to adopt sustainable procurement practices. The following information will help buyers understand the impacts and benefits of their copy paper purchases.

Virgin fibre content

The CUA only provides virgin fibre copy paper that has been certified as legally harvested from a sustainably managed forest or timber source. 

For any virgin fibre copy paper products available to buyers through the CUA, suppliers have provided documentary evidence verifying the legality and sustainability of paper pulp fibres through forestry scheme chain of custody certification, e.g. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS) or any equivalent chain of custody recognised by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Council.

Recycled fibre content

A number of recycled copy paper products have been made available to Buyers through this CUA.  Copy papers available through this contract, range in fibre composition from a minimum of 50% recycled content.

Fibre bleaching process

The use of chlorine in the manufacture of copy paper has been associated with health and environmental concerns. As a requirement of this contract, all suppliers must provide paper products that are processed chlorine free (PCF), totally chlorine free (TCF) or elemental chlorine free (ECF). 

Monitoring paper certification

The suppliers’ certification regarding virgin fibre content, recycled fibre content and fibre bleaching processes will be monitored by the contract manager to ensure sustainable procurement options are upheld throughout the life of the contract.

Reduce, reuse recycle

In addition to what the contractors do to support the environment, there are things that you, as a user, can do:


  • Only print the emails you need to have a hard copy of.
  • Use routing slips to share publications and documents rather than copying them.
  • Use electronic media to reduce paper use: 
    • submit purchase orders electronically
    • process payments online
    • use a fax-modem where available
    • submit leave, time and attendance forms electronically.
  • Minimise misprints by posting a diagram on how to load special paper like letterhead so it will be printed correctly.
  • Practice efficient copying – use the size reduction feature offered on copiers.  Two pages of a book or periodical can often be printed onto one standard sheet.
  • Practice efficient printing – set your print options for double sided printing and/or prints two pages on each single page. 
  • Use Spell Check and Print Preview functions to check spelling, layout and page breaks before printing.


If you cannot use double sided printing, reuse paper that’s already printed on one side.  Applications include:  

  • printing internal documents like drafts and short-lived items such as meeting agendas or temporary signs
  • use for internal memos, notepads, rough calculations etc.


Recycle more than just copy paper. Types of paper that can be recycled include:

  • office pads/paper
  • manila folders (all colours)
  • post-it notes
  • note paper
  • envelopes (all sizes, colours and window faced)
  • newspapers, magazines and brochures
  • telephone books.

The State Government has in place a mandatory CUA in place (CUAWAS2016 - Waste Disposal and Recycling Services) for recycling of all office waste paper generated by its agencies across the metropolitan area.

Who are the contractors?

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A choice of contractors for you to select from

The matrix below lists all suppliers on the CUA and the goods/services they have been contracted to provide. All suppliers will accept the WA Government’s Purchasing Card as a quick and efficient payment tool.

Please refer to the What’s on offer? section for categories.

Supplier Office Stationery and Office Kitchen Provisions Copy Paper Envelopes
Opal Australian Paper    
Complete Office Supplies (COS)  
Winc Australia Pty Limited (formerly Staples)  

Contractor details are listed below.  All contractors have departures from, or additional terms and conditions to, this CUA. For further information please contact the contract manager.

Purchasing from registered Aboriginal businesses or Australian Disability Enterprises

Did you know that Public Authorities can now buy directly from a registered Aboriginal business or Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), without undertaking a competitive process, even where a mandatory CUA exists?

An exemption template and guides are available from the Department of Finance website. For more information please contact

Please note where the total estimated contract value exceeds $250,000, Department of Finance involvement in the purchasing process is required, as per the Open and Effective Competition policy

Making the most of this contract

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  • Consolidate overprinting orders as it costs more to overprint smaller quantities of envelopes. 
  • You are encouraged to purchase from the nominated ‘best value’ range of office stationery. 
  • When purchasing envelopes, suppliers offer a draw down facility. This means you can pay for your items up front, have them stored at the supplier's warehouse and delivered to you when required. Overprint them in a single colour, as costs will rise when you add another colour. For further information about the draw down facility, go to the Supporting information section.
  • You have the option of using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) form to negotiate  specific agency requirements with the suppliers. Read more about SLAs in the How do I buy? section.
  • Read the Sustainability section for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. This will not only help you reduce your footprint, it will also save you money.

What will it cost?

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Pricing is available per category, and all schedules can be viewed at Pricing Schedules

It may be possible to negotiate prices with individual suppliers should you find a product that is cheaper elsewhere. Suppliers will examine your request on a case by case basis.

Pricing for Copy Paper and Envelopes may fluctuate according to market conditions, suppliers have the opportunity to vary their prices every six months. 

Office Stationery and Office Kitchen Provisions pricing may be varied on an annual basis by the Perth All Groups Consumer Price Index (CPI). Further variation to pricing may be indicated in the event of demonstrated changes in market conditions. 

Any updates to pricing will be communicated through a Circular and will be reflected in the relevant Price Schedule.

Delivery charges

Free in store delivery for purchases in the Perth metropolitan area and a number of free delivery options are available for WA regional areas.
View the After I Buy section for information about delivery charges and fees.

Service Level Agreements

Entering a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a CUA supplier can allow you to negotiate additional services through the contract or may assist with attracting a greater discount on CUA products.

Read more about this in How do I buy? 

Payment by Purchasing Card

The government Purchasing Card offers a quick and convenient method of payment allowing many goods and services to be efficiently purchased.

Always remember to inform the supplier that you will be paying by government Purchasing Card, at the time of ordering the product or service, and ensure they clearly understand that they must send the tax invoice directly to you, the cardholder. 

How do I buy?

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Buying direct

You can pick and buy the specified products from the suppliers without calling quotes or tenders.

View the Price Schedules to obtain prices for the items you require. Where more than one supplier is appointed to a category or sub category, evaluate which supplier represents best value for money for your needs, then contact the supplier to make your purchase.

Orders should be placed directly with suppliers or through an agency’s procurement system, if applicable.

Please advise the Supplier that you are an approved Western Australian CUA contract user

Establishing Service Level Agreements

Entering a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a CUA supplier can allow you to negotiate additional services through the contract or may assist with attracting a greater discount on CUA products.

For example, some suppliers may be willing to offer a further discount to the CUA price, should you enter an agreement to purchase from that supplier as a sole supplier.

When intending to enter a SLA, it is recommended you seek a response from all suppliers on the relevant panel in order to make an informed decision.

All SLAs should be established within the boundaries of the CUA. This means that the SLA will fall under the CUA terms and conditions and within the timeframe of the CUA. Do not agree or sign any alternative terms and conditions and do not agree to enter into a contract with the supplier beyond the term of the CUA.

Each supplier has a customised Service Level Agreement template available. The contract manager is available to provide advice on how to complete the form.

After I buy

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Delivery charges and product lead times:

Supplier Charges and fees Metro lead time Regional lead time Cut-off times for placing orders
Opal Australian Paper Free Into Store to Perth metro and free delivery to regional W.A.

Plain envelopes: 2 days

Printed envelopes: 5 to 7 days

Urgent deliveries may be accommodated. Contact the supplier to discuss.

Plain envelopes: 2 days

Free On Board to carrier of choice.

Printed envelopes: 5 to 7 days. Free On Board.

Same day delivery for plain envelopes is generally not available. Contact supplier for further information on urgent orders.

Next day delivery for plain envelopes Perth metro: 10:00am.

Complete Office Supplies

Free Into Store to Perth metro and regional W.A.

A small order fee of $7.50 may apply to regional deliveries with orders valued below $50.

Next day delivery. Next day delivery.

For urgent orders requiring same day delivery Perth metro: 2:00pm.

For next day delivery Perth metro: 5:00pm.

Regional WA orders: 2:00pm.

Winc Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Staples) Free Into Store to both Perth metro and regional W.A. Next business day. 2 working days.

Same day delivery Perth metro: by arrangement.

Next day delivery Perth metro: 3:00pm.

Regional WA orders: 3:00pm.

Winc Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Staples) can provide next day delivery to any nominated freight carrier within the Perth metropolitan area for orders placed prior to 3:00pm. There will then be a 2 to 5 days delivery turnaround for regional W.A. areas.


The supplier is obliged to pay all costs, including freight costs, incurred by the agency as a result of incorrectly supplied goods.

Buyers wishing to return products incorrectly ordered, incorrectly supplied or due to change of mind must ensure the product is in its original packaging, unopened and in a resalable condition. Agency specific products such as overprinted envelopes cannot be returned. Other exemptions may also apply. Please contact the supplier directly for further information.

Supplier Damaged or incorrectly supplied products Buyer change of mind or incorrectly ordered products Return process or queries
Opal Australian Paper

Supplier will pay all costs including freight for returns.

Replaced at no charge.

Please contact the supplier directly for more information.

Client to advise problem via phone (61 8 9279 6860) or email

A credit authorisation number is raised should the goods need to be returned or replaced.

Complete Office Supplies

Supplier will pay all costs including freight for returns.

Replaced at no charge.

Accepts the return of goods and provide full credit if advised within 14 days of delivery, goods are unused and in original packaging.

Specially sourced products are not refundable.

Returns can be completed online via or with customer service via phone (61 8 9444 8039).

CUA customers are provided with the option of product exchange or full credit.

Specially sourced products are not refundable.

Winc Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Staples)

Supplier will pay all costs including freight for returns.

Replaced at no charge.

Customers can return and obtain a credit for goods in their original packaging, unopened and in saleable condition within 30 days of delivery.

Returns are made at the customer's expense.

Call the Winc Australia Pty Limited (formerly Staples) customer service team on 13 26 44 to obtain a return authorisation or online at

Tracking of orders

Customers can track their orders from time of order to delivery through online tracking systems. Check the supplier’s website for tracking details.

Back orders / product substitution

Suppliers should not substitute brands ordered by agencies unless express permission is obtained from the agency to supply a substitute product.

Where a back order is required, then the supplier must:

  • give prior notice to the agency, with an anticipated delivery date
  • provide a substitute product of equal or superior quality
  • supply the substitute product at no higher cost than the originally ordered brand
  • deliver the substitute product free of charge to the agency located in the metropolitan area
  • provide a sample of the substitute product to the agency, if requested

Access requirements

Where applicable, customers will provide the supplier with the necessary information needed on access requirements to the customer’s premises, which the supplier may require to perform the service.

Feedback and complaints resolution

If you are dissatisfied with the goods and/or service provided by the Supplier or have any specific concerns, these should be discussed in the first instance directly with the Supplier. 


Complete Office Supplies (COS)

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Contact details

Contact name:
Paul Kaye
Direct telephone:
General telephone:
Complete Office Supplies

About us

001 634 715
92 001 634 715

Contractor Profile

  • 15% of all profits go to Australian charities
  • Perth based account management and customer service department
  • Free delivery with no minimum order requirements within the Perth metropolitan area
  • Free delivery outside the Perth metro area, subject to $200 minimum order requirements
  • Live order tracking
  • Customisable online ordering system (COSNet)
  • Consolidated invoicing on request
  • COSnet training available on request
  • Detailed customised reporting
  • System integration specialists

Effective from 16th November 2020 Complete Office Supplies will be applying a minimum order value of $15.

Last updated: 29 September 2021

Opal Australian Paper

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Contact details

Contact name:
Milton James, Brendon Kelly
Direct telephone:
Milton James: 61 8 9279 6860
Brendon Kelly: 0411 239 321
General telephone:

About us

061 583 533
63 061 583 533

Supplies: envelopes

Phone: 61 8 9279 6860 

Australian Paper Order Form
Australian Paper Envelope Guide

Contractor profile

  • Mix of Australian made and Imported
  • Online registration
  • Metropolitan orders delivered Free Into Store
  • Regional clients Free on Board via designated carriers
  • Management and cost centre reporting available
  • Perth-based customer support team
  • Training available on request
  • Consolidated invoicing on request
  • Free Artwork generation from PDF files
  • Overprinting services for envelopes
  • Artwork assistance:
  • Draw-down storage facility available for bulk envelope purchases
Last updated: 4 October 2022

Winc Australia Pty Ltd

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Contact details

Contact name:
Angellina Willsher
General telephone:

About us

000 728 398
94 000 728 398

Contractor Profile

  • Category A: Customised Distribution Settlement discount (1% discount for payment within 7 days and 0.5% discount for payment within 14 days)
  • Dedicated account management and Online training available
  • Free into store delivery to regional WA
  • Kitting solutions
  • Vending solutions
  • After-hours unmanned delivery options: Winc. spot barcode GPS
  • After hours support till 8:00pm AWST
  • Consolidated invoicing on request
  • Electronic billing
  • Detailed customised reporting and management reporting
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Electronic Data Integration implementation (for compatible ordering systems)
Last updated: 10 August 2021
Page reviewed 4 October 2022