Action Plan for Planning Reform

An Action Plan for reform of the Western Australian planning system was released by the Minister for Planning in 2019.

The Action Plan ensures the planning system sustains liveability and prosperity in the context of growth and change, and continues to deliver great outcomes and great places for Western Australians.

Better Planning, Better Places

While the Western Australian planning system has supported Perth’s global reputation as a highly liveable city and contributed to the growth of strong regional communities and economies, it has become increasingly more complex, legalistic and unresponsive to changing needs and expectations. It is imperative that our planning system leads and enables well-designed and innovative land-use and development solutions to respond to the challenges of the next phase of the State’s growth. 

The Action Plan identifies three goals for reform of the planning system and 19 reform initiatives to achieve the goals. The Department will collaborate with stakeholders and users of the planning system to develop and implement the reform initiatives to deliver the Action Plan.

Action Plan Initiatives

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The Reform Delivery Team is also establishing a stakeholder register. Those who register may be contacted from time to time to provide feedback on reform initiatives as they are developed (for example, online surveys). Both metropolitan and regional stakeholders are encouraged to register.

Information will be regularly updated through implementation of the Action Plan.

Independent Reviewer’s Green Paper

The Action Plan for Planning Reform resulted from feedback on a Green Paper (May 2018) which proposed five key reform areas – strategically-led, legible, transparent, efficient and delivering smart growth. 

Summary of Submissions

The Summary of Submissions provides an overview of the 254 submissions and more than 5,800 responses to the individual Green Paper proposals received from industry, government and community stakeholders.

Overall, the responses demonstrate a strong appetite for change, with majority in-principle support for many proposals. Submitters also provided numerous alternative or additional ideas for improvement of the planning system.

The submissions have informed an Action Plan of reform initiatives for the planning system which will be released in the coming weeks. The Action Plan will include opportunities for stakeholders to be involved in shaping delivery of the reform initiatives.


For further information, please contact the Department's Reform Delivery Team on 6551 8002 or

Page reviewed 18 March 2022