COVID-19 coronavirus: Food businesses and licensed premises

Information for food business and licensed premises on steps they need to take to reopen, COVID safety guidelines and plans.

Last updated: 24 October at 12.00pm

Phase 4

From Saturday, 27 June, Phase 4 of the WA Roadmap came into effect. 

There is no limit on the number of patrons permitted in a venue, however, the 2 square metre rule and physical distancing apply. This means the maximum number of patrons permitted will be based on the size of the venue. 

Large hospitality venues that can hold more than 500 patrons need to include staff in their patron count.  

For WA’s major sport and entertainment venues, a 50 per cent capacity rule applies: 

Optus Stadium 
Sport: 30,633 
Concerts: 35,000 

HBF Park 
Sport: 10,150 
Concerts: 16,500 

RAC Arena 
Sport: 7150 
Concerts: 8250 

Other changes in Phase 4 for food businesses and licensed premises include:  

  • removal of seated service requirements 
  • no requirement to maintain patron register 
  • alcohol can be served as part of unseated service arrangements. 

Major events are permitted, subject to having an approved COVID Event Plan.

Unseated performances are also permitted at venues such as concert halls, live music venues, bars, pubs and nightclubs.  

The casino gaming floor has reopened under agreed temporary restrictions.  

Good hygiene practices, physical distancing and frequent cleaning should continue to be observed.  

From Saturday, 24 October, the maximum capacity for a seated performance or seated entertainment that is ticketed and takes place in a seated entertainment space is 60 percent.

These changes affect certain venues with one or more seated entertainment spaces which contain fixed seating and were regularly used for seated performances or seated entertainment immediately before 15 March 2020 or immediately before 11.59pm on 23 October 2020.

For more information see the Phase 4 exemption – Easing restrictions for seated performances - frequently asked questions.

COVID Safety Plans

COVID Safety Guidelines have been updated for Phase 4.

Businesses that were required to close under the Directions and are reopening for the first time in Phase 4 must complete a COVID Safety Plan. The COVID Safety Guidelines will help you complete your plan. The plan should be available for inspection upon request by an authorised officer. If your organisation has multiple premises, you must prepare a COVID Safety Plan for each one.

WA businesses that reopened in earlier phases should ensure their COVID Safety Plans are updated and continue to be implemented, using the COVID Safety Guidelines.


It is an offence to fail to comply with the Directions. The maximum penalty for this offence is:

  • imprisonment for 12 months or a fine of $50,000
  • a fine of $5000 for each separate and further offence.

If the offence is committed by a company, the maximum fine is increased to $250,000.

A $1000 infringement may be issued (or $5000 for a company), instead of being prosecuted.

COVID Safety Plans are an important part of ensuring that reopening businesses does not increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. Failure to complete a COVID Safety Plan may mean your business is putting the community at risk. Authorised officers under the Emergency Management Act have the power to close premises and businesses that put the community at risk in this way.

For more information please see our frequently asked questions.

COVID Safety Plan and Guidelines – Phase 4

COVID Safety Guidelines Phase 4 — Food Businesses and Licensed Premises
COVID Safety Plan Phase 4 — Food Businesses and Licensed Premises

Phase 3

6 June 2020 

The number of people at non-work gatherings increased, and additional businesses reopened. 

The 4 square metre rule was revised to 2 square metres per person for all WA venues. 

Physical distancing, good hygiene and the 2 square metre rule applied to all activities permitted in Phase 3. 

  • Non-work gatherings permitted up to 100 people, 300 for venues with multiple spaces 
  • 4 square metre rule removed, replaced with reduced 2 square metre rule 
  • Full contact sport and training permitted 
  • Seated Service for food businesses and licensed premises 
  • The following reopened with conditions: 
    • Galleries, cinemas and theatres 
    • Gyms and other fitness studios 
    • Beauty salons, spas and wellness centres 
    • Playgrounds and play centres 
    • Rottnest Island, zoos and wildlife parks 

Businesses were required to comply with conditions outlined in the COVID Safety Guidelines and prepare a COVID Safety Plan before they reopened.

Hospitality hygiene training

All staff must complete the AHA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 hygiene course before returning to work.

The course covers:  

  • understanding COVID-19 and venue restrictions   
  • reporting personal health issues   
  • maintaining personal and work environment hygiene practices   
  • reducing cross contamination through procedures   
  • effective cleaning and sanitising practices.

The course has 2 tiers. All staff will be required to successfully complete tier 1 before their first shift. 

Tier 2 is advanced training designed for managers and supervisors. It is not mandatory for all staff or management to successfully complete tier 2, the hygiene officer course. The additional course is recommended to provide extra confidence to staff and patrons of the venue.  

Businesses will also have to display signage that the venue is compliant with all conditions. Existing physical distancing regulations for hospitality businesses remain in place, with any future easing of restrictions dependent on expert health advice.  

For further information on requirements, and to complete the assessment, visit the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course

Page reviewed 24 October 2020