Goods and services procurement practice resources

Procurement practice guides, contract management workbooks, supplier management frameworks and sponsorship guidance to help you through the procurement process.

The following guidelines should be used in conjunction with information available about buying goods or services 

Please note that the content applies to goods and services procurement only. Guidance is also available for buying community services 

Contract management workbooks

These workbooks are designed to help contract managers monitor contract obligations, deliverables and functions as well as to document the ongoing results, outcomes and issues in one electronic file.

Supplier Management Framework

Supplier Performance Management is a business practice to measure, analyse and manage supplier performance in goods and services procurement contracts.

Sponsorship guidelines

Sponsorship is the right to associate the sponsor’s name, products or services with the sponsored organisation’s service, product or activity, in return for negotiated and specific benefits such as cash or in-kind support or promotional opportunities. These guidelines provide information about sponsorship in government.

Page reviewed 7 November 2019