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The Heritage Grants Program is currently closed for applications.

To register your interest in receiving updates about future funding rounds, register your interest via or call (08) 6551 8002.

How to apply

Submissions closed Friday 10 December 2021.

Guidelines and forms

About the program

The Heritage Grants Program offers funding assistance for the conservation, future planning and promotion of heritage places.

A total of $1,221,000 has been allocated to the program for 2021-22.  

There are two primary funding streams under the program, State Heritage Grants and Community Heritage Grants. 

State Heritage Grants

The State Heritage Grants stream subsidises the cost of urgent conservation works, documentation and professional advice relating to the conservation of State Registered places.

Who can apply? 

Private owners of State Registered places  

What types of projects can receive funding?

Physical conservation works, for example: 

  • structural stabilisation 
  • masonry repairs 
  • re-roofing works 
  • mitigation of damp 

Preparation of conservation management planning documents for State Registered Places or a place in the Heritage Council’s assessment program, for example:

  • cultural landscape management plans 
  • feasibility studies for future use activation

How much funding can I apply for?

Grants of up to $40,000 are offered for conservation works projects and up to $10,000 for non-works projects, on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  

Your project may be eligible to receive additional funding if it meets the ‘Major Conservation Project’ criteria outlined in the program guidelines.

Community Heritage Grants

The Community Heritage Grants stream provides assistance for community engagement and interpretation projects related to State Registered places.

Who can apply?

  • not-for-profit organisations 
  • businesses  
  • local governments

What types of projects can receive funding?

Category 1 – Community Engagement: events or activities that celebrate a State Registered place. Projects in this category promote heritage conservation or interpretation across a region or sector, for example: 

  • specialist heritage conservation talks  
  • heritage trade skills workshops 
  • heritage tours or walks 

Category 2 – Interpretation: projects that relate to a State Registered place or a place in the Heritage Council’s assessment program, for example: 

  • design and installation of interpretive elements
  • immersive interpretation projects 
  • development of heritage tourism products

How much funding can I apply for?

Grants of up to $20,000 are offered per complete project. The minimum funding to any one project is $1,000. All funding is offered on a matched basis, in-kind contributions can be accepted under the community stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information about the heritage grants.

Can I apply for funding assistance for a project I have started?

No. Costs incurred or work undertaken before a grant agreement is signed by both parties cannot be reimbursed, this includes any consultant fees associated with the preparation of the grant application.

How many quotes do I need for my application?

It is recommended that three quotes be provided for all project tasks. A minimum of two quotes per task are required. 

If I am successful, do I still need to get approval to undertake the work?

Yes. The offer of funding assistance under the Heritage Grants Program does not remove the requirement for any approvals or permits that may be required for the project. These may include Development Approval or a Building Permit. It is recommended you contact your local government to discuss what approvals may be required. Approval timeframes should be considered when planning your project. Fees for approvals and permits cannot be reimbursed under the program. 

How do I know if my property is on the State Register or Assessment Program?

To check if your property is on the State Register or the Heritage Council’s Assessment Program, search your property address on the Heritage Council’s information portal inherit.

If you are unsure if your property is on the State register, please contact a Heritage Officer for assistance on 6551 8002.

I have just purchased a property and it is on the State Register, can I apply for funding assistance to renovate?

To be eligible for funding assistance with conservation projects you must have owned the place for three or more years.  If you have owned the place for three or more years, you can apply for assistance with conservation work.

When will successful applicants be announced?

Successful projects will be announced by the Minister for Heritage via media statement. The Department of Planning Lands and Heritage will contact successful applicants following the announcement. Successful applicants are expected to be announced in March-April 2022.

Where can I get assistance with my application?

If you would like assistance with your application, please contact the Senior Heritage Grants Administrator via or via (08) 6551 8002.

Find out more

For full information on the program see the Heritage Grants Program Applicant Guidelines. 

If you have any queries regarding the Heritage Grants Program, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Heritage Grants Administrator.


Contact: Senior Heritage Grants Administrator 
Phone enquiries: (08) 6551 8002. 
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