State Development Assessment Unit forms and fees

Forms and fees and details of the application steps.
Last updated: 3 August 2022

Part 17 lodgement process

The process for submitting a Part 17 significant development application to the Western Australian Planning Commission is as follows:

  1. To commence the process, complete the online Intent to Lodge form.
  2. An officer from our planning team will review your submission and will be in contact to discuss next steps, including the completion of one of the following forms: 
    • Form 17A – Pre-lodgement advice request to facilitate early discussions regarding your application, prior to lodgement.
    • Form 17B – Application for development approval as part of your development application package for determination by the Western Australian Planning Commission.


An application will be deemed compliant when the SDAU has received all relevant information, the appropriate application form and payment of the application fee.

Applicants are advised that information and plans lodged as part of the application may form part of the agenda of the Western Australian Planning Commission meetings.

Checklist for Form 17A - Pre-lodgement Advice Request
Checklist for Form 17B - Application for Development Approval
Form 17C – Application to Amend/cancel approval for Significant Development


A fee will be required to be paid to confirm lodgement of the application and the amount shall be in accordance with the published schedule.

Fees are exempt from GST. EFT Transfer details will be provided to an applicant prior to lodgement of an application


In the event that you need to amend your approved development, including apply to extend the Substantial Commencement period, or cancel your approval, please complete Form 17C – Application to amend/cancel approval for Significant Development approval. 

You will be emailed an authorisation code to upload the form, plans and supporting documentation to our large file transfer facility. To facilitate formal lodgement, you will also be provided with fee payment details by email.

Clearance of Conditions

The SDAU, on behalf of the WAPC, is responsible for issuing the clearance of conditions of all Part 17 development approvals. Applicants should submit a Clearance of Conditions of Development Approval Matrix and copies of all technical reports and supporting documentation specified in the conditions, together with a copy of the final working drawings prepared for a building permit application.