Western Australian Planning Commission resolutions and instruments of delegation

The Planning and Development Act 2005 (section 16) provides for the delegation of the functions of the WAPC.
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Delegations are made by resolution to a member, committee, officer of the WAPC, public authority or a local government. The delegation takes effect when the notice of resolution is published in the Government Gazette.

DEL 2024 – Delegation to Officers (Part 11B of the Planning and Development Act 2005)

MIN DEL 2023 – Ministerial Delegation to Officer (Section 83A)

DEL 2022/07 Powers of Officers (Housing Authority) (Strata Titles Act)

DEL 2022/05 Powers of Local Governments (PRS)

DEL 2022/04 Powers of Officers (Housing Authority)

DEL 2022/02 – Powers of Officers (Department of Finance)

DEL 2022/01 – Powers of Officers (Department of Transport (Maritime matters))

AUTH 2016/2 - Authorisation Instrument from the Minister for Lands (to local government CEO’s)

AUTH 2016/01 - Authorisation Instrument from the Minister of Lands

DEL 2011/04 - Powers of Officers (Swan River Trust)

DEL 2011/01 - Powers of Local Governments (Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Act 2000 and Master Plan)

DEL 2008/14 - Powers of local governments (Ningaloo Coast RIDO 2007)

DEL 2008/10 - Powers of officers (Department of Environment and Conservation)

DEL 2008/09 - Powers of Commissioner of Main Roads

DEL 2008/08 - Powers of officers (Whiteman Park)

DEL 2007 - Power of Delegation - to appoint nominated proxies to planning committees