How to access your COVID-19 digital certificate

Before you get started with the ServiceWA app, here is how you can access your COVID-19 digital certificate.

How to access your COVID-19 digital certificate

When you’ve had all your required COVID-19 vaccinations or have confirmation of a medical exemption, you’ll be able to get your COVID-19 digital certificate. Your vaccination provider needs to report your information to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) before it appears on your proof. You may need to wait two weeks from vaccination for the record to be reported to the AIR.

Once your information is reported, you can access your COVID-19 digital certificate, which shows proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or medical exemption. This is provided by Services Australia (external link).

You can access your certificate using any of the following:

Before you can share your certificate with the ServiceWA app, you need to have created a myGov account and already linked Medicare to your myGov account (external link). You can watch the video on how to do this within the link.

If you have not yet registered for a myGov account, you can get help to create a myGov account here (external link). There is also a video within this page showing you how to set up this account.

Important tips

  • When setting up your myGov account, make sure your details with myGov match your Medicare or IHI details.
  • As a security measure when linking your Medicare to your myGov account, you may need to provide details about your last healthcare visit, such as GP’s name, date of last visit or the rebate amount. You should source this prior to linking Medicare.
  • When you can’t link your Medicare, you’ll get an error message. Find out what to do if you get an error message when linking Medicare to myGov (external link).
Page reviewed 28 January 2022