How to navigate the ServiceWA app and features

How to help you navigate the ServiceWA app services and features.

Navigating the ServiceWA app and features

The ServiceWA app helps you to connect with WA State Government services. The mobile application currently includes features to assist the community with COVID-19 transition requirements, with the intention to expand to include other services in the future.

When navigating the ServiceWA app, you will notice various features and services, including:

  • Services tab where you can find a list of other useful WA Government information and services
  • Certificate tab where you can import and view your COVID-19 digital certificate
  • SafeWA tab (home screen when you open app) where you can check in to venues and businesses and also show proof of vaccination if you have imported your COVID-19 digital certificate
  • G2G tab and access to your G2G Pass
  • Inbox tab where you can receive notifications and messages from the app.
  • Account settings icon in the top right-hand corner of your app screen. Within your account settings you have the ability to perform a variety of functions such as:
    • Update your mobile phone number
    • Manage your notifications
    • Adjust your accessibility settings
    • Get help
    • Manage your SafeWA account including the management of your saved visitors
    • Manage your G2G account
    • Manage your COVID-19 digital certificate, where you can add or remove your certificate from the ServiceWA app or adjust your vaccination information access.
    • Log out of your ServiceWA account (doing this would mean a user would need to log in again via myGovID)
    • Access the app’s privacy policy and terms of use.
Page reviewed 11 January 2022