How to use SafeWA in the ServiceWA app

Find out more about using the SafeWA check in features within the ServiceWA app.

Please note, it is not a mandated requirement to check in at businesses and venues, as part of WA’s public health and social measures.

Using SafeWA in the ServiceWA app

You can enable SafeWA within the ServiceWA app by selecting SafeWA the navigation bar.

If you use the SafeWA service in the ServiceWA app, you can show your proof of vaccination, or exemption, as well as check in using the one app.

Steps to enabling SafeWA:

  • Navigate to SafeWA within the home screen and select enable SafeWA.
  • Select next and then I agree, once you have read About SafeWA and What you should know.
  • Allow permission to access your device camera so you can quickly check in by scanning a venue’s SafeWA QR code.
  • You are ready to go once you see the camera view screen with included square QR code viewfinder.

If a venue requires you to show your COVID-19 digital certificate, and you’ve saved it in the ServiceWA app, you can easily present it once you have checked into that venue.

Once you enable SafeWA, your saved visitors will transfer over from your SafeWA app to the ServiceWA app, and you are still able to add new visitors. Note, these people may still be required to show proof of vaccination via alternative options to enter certain venues, businesses and events. You cannot prove their vaccination status through the ServiceWA app. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up SafeWA when I log in to the ServiceWA app?

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When you first log in to the ServiceWA app you will need to Enable SafeWA within the app which will allow you to quickly and easily check into venues within the ServiceWA app.

You will be presented with a consent outlining how SafeWA collects, stores and uses information which you will need to agree to.

How do I check in using the ServiceWA app?

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SafeWA within the ServiceWA app operates the exact same way and is as easy as ever. 

  1. When you arrive at a venue, the ServiceWA app will automatically open on the scanner. Hold this up to the QR code at the venue you are visiting and scan the QR code.
  2. Tap the Check in button to confirm your check in. Alternatively, you can tap the Add a visitor button to add someone who is accompanying you.
  3. Once you’re checked in, you will be able to see the name of the location you have checked in to, the time of check in and an option to Show more.
  4. If you choose to Show more you will be presented with your details, including the option to show your COVID-19 digital certificate if you have imported it and the names of any accompanying visitors.
  5. Tap the Done button to be taken back to the home screen.

Can I view my check in history?

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From the SafeWA home screen in the ServiceWA app tap the Last check in tab at the top of the screen to see the last venue you checked in at.

SafeWA does not currently allow you to view a full history of venues that you have checked in to. 

What is the lightning bolt on the check in screen?

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If you tap on the lightning bolt the ServiceWA app will turn on your phone torch to assist you to check in to a venue in low light settings.

Can I still check in using the SafeWA app?

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Yes, you can still check in using the SafeWA app however the ServiceWA app provides an easy way to check in to a venue and display your COVID-19 digital certificate, if required.

Will my saved visitors carry over from the SafeWA app?

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Yes, your saved visitors will be replicated within the ServiceWA app if you use the same mobile number you registered for SafeWA when enabling SafeWA within the ServiceWA app. The saved visitors will continue to sync both ways between your standalone SafeWA app and the ServiceWA app as long as the same phone number is used for both apps.

Page reviewed 4 June 2022