Getting feedback on your goods and services offer

Information that you may ask for, feedback and complaints

If your offer is unsuccessful, we recommend you seek feedback so that you can improve your chances of winning work the next time you submit an offer. If you have any feedback or complaints about the process, you should go to the agency first to see if you can resolve the matter. Where your complaint is not resolved, you can then seek assistance from the State Supply Commission, who may independently review your complaint.

Post-tender briefings

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A post-tender debriefing is available upon request from the agency.

Contact details to arrange a post-tender debriefing will be in the letter you receive if you are unsuccessful.

This debrief will include areas where you could have improved your offer. This will not include comparisons with any other supplier’s response.

The debriefing will attempt to improve your chances of success in future offers by:

  • identifying particular capabilities or strengths that could be developed
  • improving how you demonstrate your capability and strengths in your offer

Complaints and feedback

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If you have any concern with the buying process, raise the matter with the agency as soon as possible. Contact the person listed in the request documents.

​Agencies want to improve buying process and outcomes for all stakeholders. Raising your concerns with us assists us in doing these tasks better.

The agency may make appropriate changes if you raise legitimate concerns before a contract is awarded.

Once a contract is awarded, the agency will provide feedback to unsuccessful suppliers about their offer.

Formal complaints

If you are still unhappy with an agency’s response to your complaint, you can refer the matter to the State Supply Commission, who may then undertake an independent review of your complaint.

To refer the matter to the State Supply Commission you must:

  • be a party to the matter involved in the complaint
  • have failed to resolve the complaint with the agency concerned
  • submit the complaint in writing via letter, email, fax, or through the Finance Feedback Management System
  • provide documentation and information supporting the complaint.

Please note that if a complaint is raised after the contract is awarded, the Commission cannot overturn the award decision.

Page reviewed 3 September 2019