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Delivering stronger regional economies
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Sharing prosperity means all Western Australians, wherever they call home in WA, can live in strong, sustainable communities.  Building a more prosperous regional WA requires partnerships with local government, industry and local businesses to plan for, and promote, sustainable growth.  
These partnerships will leverage regional WA’s strengths. They will transform our regional cities and towns into vibrant places to work, play and learn that are open for business. 


Deliver stronger regional economies

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Jobs and economic diversification will grow stronger communities which is why we want an extra 30,000 jobs created in the regions.

What do we want to achieve?

By 2023-24, the number of employed persons in Regional WA will increase by at least 30,000 as measured by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

  • Some regional locations have not shared in long-term benefits of strong growth over the past decade, experiencing weaker jobs growth.
  • We will deliver new infrastructure and support private sector investment to drive employment growth across the regions.
  • More regional jobs in a diversified economy means economic growth is distributed more fairly across the community.

Interpreting the results

The graph shows total employment in regional WA up to the period 2017-18 as measured by the ABS. These statistics measure employed persons by their self-reported place of usual residence.  This means jobs are only captured in this count if the employee lives in regional WA.

The graph shows ABS data of Total Employed Persons in regional Western Australia from 2007-08 to 2017-18.  The target date for an extra 30,000 jobs is 2023-24.

Please note that the baseline and target figures referenced in this Fact Sheet will be subject to revision by the ABS to accommodate seasonal variations and other factors.

Current activities

This section provides a snapshot of some of the activities already underway to achieve this target.

Election commitments

  • Plan for Jobs
  • Jobs for the Regions
  • Training for the Future
  • Investment in Tourism
  • Plan for Albany
  • Plan for Bunbury
  • Plan for Collie-Preston
  • Plan for Kimberley
  • Plan for Peel
  • Plan for Pilbara
  • Plan for Goldfields
  • Plan for Geraldton
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