Reform priorities and progress

Building a better public sector

More than 300 recommendations from three independent reviews of the public sector, and two CEO Working Group reports, continue to inform the public sector reform program.

Building a better public sector: Priorities 2019-2021 (PDF) sees the reform program move beyond the initial Roadmap for Reform, with new reform initiatives being scoped for implementation.

Framed by the five themes below, the reform priorities are focused on creating a more efficient, collaborative and high performing public sector that delivers better services to the community. This includes additional internal governance, financial management and audit arrangements to strengthen accountability and transparency across the sector. Click on the relevant theme to view the progress of the current initiatives.

A number of the initial reform initiatives have transitioned to an established state of operation. For status updates or more information on these initiatives, view Established reform initiatives.

The reform initiatives form one aspect of a broader reform program that is focused on changing the way government it works by breaking down silos and ensuring agencies work together as one sector for the benefit of all Western Australians. Refer to Reform in action to see some of the ways the sector is doing things differently. how the sector is changing the way it works for the benefit of all Western Australians.

Page reviewed 17 January 2020