Revoked: State Supply Commission Disposal of Goods Policy

Disposal of a good can be a high-risk activity, which can create significant income and present financial or environment risk if goods are disposed of inappropriately or if resources are not used efficiently.

This policy is no longer in effect. Please see the Western Australian Procurement Rules

Effective date

State Supply Commission
2 June 2020

Developing a Disposal Strategy

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The objective of this policy is to ensure that public authorities dispose of goods ethically, equitably, efficiently and safely, in a manner that maximises a value outcome for government whilst minimising any negative impacts of disposal of the good. The value outcome for government includes considerations of public benefit, environmental outcomes and financial return.

Disposal of a good should be considered when undertaking the procurement planning for the good. A strategy outlining how the guiding principles of disposal (see below) and the disposal method that will be used should be considered and incorporated into the procurement process of the good.

Non-Hazardous Goods

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Guiding Principles of Disposal 

When undertaking any disposal, a public authority should:

  • comply with any relevant legislation
  • act ethically, transparently and equitably
  • consider how best to achieve value for money whilst ensuring open and effective competition where possible
  • maintain adequate records to enable external scrutiny of the disposal method used
  • apply sustainability procurement principles; including employing strategies that minimise and mitigate negative economic, environmental and social impacts of disposal of the good and maximise benefits where possible. 

Public authorities, where possible, should preference in the following order of desirability, disposal options that keep materials and energy circulating in the economy for as long as possible: 

  • re-use
  • reprocessing
  • recycling; or
  • recovering energy from waste

Disposal Methods 

Appropriate methods to dispose of goods in accordance with the principles and objectives of this policy and which promote re-use, reprocessing, recycling and recovery may include (not in any particular order):

  • transferring to another government entity
  • trade-in and/or take-back by a supplier for re-use, recycling or recovery
  • using any existing recognised product stewardship arrangements
  • using any existing Common Use Arrangement established to facilitate disposal
  • disposal pursuant to and in accordance with the Market-led Proposals Policy
  • selling through a competitive written quotation or open tenders process
  • selling to public sector employees through a competitive process
  • public auction to dispose of the good
  • donation to charitable institutions

Hazardous Goods

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Guiding Principles of Disposal

Hazardous goods must be disposed of according to the relevant legislative requirements, in a manner that safeguards against environmental risks and addresses health and safety issues.  

Disposal Method

A public authority disposing of hazardous or potentially pollutant goods must obtain advice on policy and environmental considerations from the relevant government authority.

Page reviewed 31 May 2021