Streamline WA fact sheet

Fact sheet
An overview of the Streamline WA initiative

What is Streamline WA?

Streamline WA is a whole of government initiative to make it easier to do business in Western Australia by improving regulation and regulatory practice. 

The Government launched Streamline WA on 6 December 2018 to encourage more investment and create more jobs in Western Australia by developing better ways of creating and applying regulation and improving how Government interacts with business, industry and the community.

Streamline WA is one of the priority Public Sector Reform initiatives to deliver better services for Western Australians. The initiative is jointly implemented by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, with support from the Department of Treasury. 

Why do we need Streamline WA?

The Government’s Service Priority Review 2017 found that economic, environmental and social opportunities could be maximised by developing and implementing regulation and regulatory practices that are risk-based and outcomes-focused.

Streamline WA aims to improve all aspects of State regulation, including legislation, culture, regulatory practice and administration.  

How does Streamline WA work?

Streamline WA is led by a Steering Committee, supported by regulatory and economic development government agencies, and operates in collaboration with leaders from industry and community groups.

Business, industry and community members submit their ideas to improve regulation and regulatory practice online via the Streamline WA portal. These submissions are assessed and prioritised against criteria approved by the Streamline WA Steering Committee.

Priority is given to submissions that propose reforms that:

  • Reduce the costs and difficulties of meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Make it easier for businesses and industry to interact with government.
  • Improve regulatory practice across government.
  • Diversify the economy and create more jobs for Western Australians.

Eligible submissions are referred to a lead government agency, which will work collaboratively with government, industry and community stakeholders to explore and progress the proposed reforms.

Where can I find more information?

 Learn more and submit your ideas for regulatory reform at

Or email Julie De Jong at or Germaine Larcombe at 


Page reviewed 17 December 2019