Swan Valley Planning Scheme No. 1

The Swan Valley Planning Scheme No. 1 has been prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission under the powers conferred by the Planning and Development Act 2005 and the Swan Valley Planning Act 2020.

The Swan Valley Planning Scheme covers the area that has been defined by the Swan Valley Planning Act 2020.

The Swan Valley Planning Scheme will guide future development in the region, protect long-term agricultural production in the Swan Valley and grow new tourism and hospitality reflective of the rural landscape.

Zones within the scheme area are:

  • Rural Residential
  • Swan Valley Rural
  • Priority Agriculture
  • Residential
  • Village
  • Enterprise

Reservations within the scheme area are:

  • Conservation
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Purposes
  • Waterway
  • Regional Road
  • District Road
  • Railway

View the new zones and reservations on PlanWA.

Lodging an application for development approval

The Department's online lodgement facility provides the functionality (through e-lodgement and large-file transfer) for users to lodge applications for development approval online. 

Lodging an application requires the applicant to:

  • provide details of the applicant, land owner and proposed development
  • complete and upload the application form (download the form from the Development Application page linked below)
  • calculate and pay the application fee
  • upload electronic copies of supporting information, such as: development plans, technical reports and any other related information.

Development application form and fees

Access the online lodgement facility

Current development applications

Application Status

Addition to a single house
273 (Lot 5) Lennard Street, Herne Hill
Value $400,000

Open for comment
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Active schemes and supporting information

The Swan Valley Planning Scheme consists of a text and a map.


Swan Valley Planning Scheme No 1 Guidance Note - lodging an application
Clause 64(3)(c) and (4)(c) – Erecting signs for notice of development applications
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