WA Border Restrictions - Application for Special Exemption

Application for Special Exemption for non essential travellers entering Western Australia.

The State Emergency Coordinator requires you to provide the information below of your travel details and for everyone travelling in your party. Unless you are an Essential Traveller, you will be required to go into isolation for 14 days.

Certain persons are exempt from the Self-Isolation Following Interstate Travel Direction on the basis that they fall within categories of persons performing essential services. The full definitions of these categories are set out on the WA Entry - Request for Approval as an Exempt Traveller Form. If you fall within one of these categories above you do not need to apply for a special exemption.

However, if you do not fall within one of these categories, but you are seeking a special exemption
on the basis that you are otherwise essential for the proper functioning of the State or you wish to
apply on compassionate grounds, you can apply using this Application for Special Exemption form.


WA Entry – Request for Approval as an Exempt Traveller
Page reviewed 28 May 2020