COVID-19 Coronavirus: Contact register best practices

Useful tips for businesses on how to implement and maintain contact registers.

Last updated: 2 March 2021 at 10:45am

Contact tracing is important to keep WA safe and everyone can play a part. Maintaining a contact register is mandatory for most businesses and venues. Here are some top tips and practical information to help you.

Resources are available to help you promote and implement contact registers and SafeWA.

Top Tips

A graphic showing business owners communicating with customers on how to use contact registers.

Communicate to your customers about contact registers 


  • Display signs clearly and prominently.
  • Share information to patrons on social media to remind them about contact registers.
  • Encourage staff to ask patrons if they have checked in.
  • Add reminders where you can – e.g. on menus, at the front counter, in change rooms and when speaking to patrons over the phone or in person .
  • Use our assets, e.g. posters, to inform patrons that contact registers are in place at your venue.
A graphic showing both digital and paper contact registers

Make it easier for you and your patrons


  • Ensure contact registers are visible and accessible for your patrons.
  • Provide digital and manual contact register options.
  • SafeWA is the WA Government’s free app, which is a digital contact register system. This is an easy and safe way to record patron and visitor contact details.
  • Educate and train staff on how your business maintains a contact register.
  • Use our assets, e.g. posters on how to download SafeWA, check in and/or register (resources are also available in other languages).
A graphic showing a person moving from point to point for contact tracing purposes.

Privacy and providing information to help with contact tracing

  • Protect your customers’ details if using a paper-based contact register by using the tear-off sheet template.
  • Keep paper-based forms in a safe and secure place.
  • Ensure staff are educated about how to protect customers’ privacy.
  • Contact register details must be kept for at least 28 days.
  • Make sure you can quickly provide this information when requested, including outside of standard working hours.
  • The WA Government’s free app SafeWA is a digital contact register system. Using this app benefits you, as you are not responsible for storing data obtained through SafeWA.

Best practices for contact registers

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  • If using your own digital contact register that uses its own QR code, you must also offer patrons SafeWA as an option.
  • Educate staff to remind customers to register their details.
  • Keep information from contact registers secure and not widely on display to other customers in the area.
  • Use the paper-based contact register tear-off option for the manual contact register, if customers are concerned about the privacy of their contact details.
  • Place a poster in takeaway pick-up areas to help remind food delivery drivers they have to register their details. Ensure staff also help remind people when possible.

Best practices for SafeWA

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  • Ensure the SafeWA QR code poster is visible and easy to access for your customers.
  • Print SafeWA QR code posters on white paper to make it easier for people to scan the code.
  • Display how-to posters for downloading and using SafeWA, and help encourage people without an account to set up one while lining up.
  • Place your SafeWA QR code posters in several prominent locations such as by the entrance, at the checkout, and in waiting areas.
  • Ensure the posters are placed in well-lit areas.
  • Consider printing the SafeWA QR codes on stickers or pull-up banners (templates in popular sizes are available in the toolkit).
  • Make use of available electronic screens at your venue to display videos to help customers learn how to use SafeWA.

Best practices for regional businesses

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  • Remind patrons to check their mobile phone connection if a check in receives an error message. A reminder about reception can also be included on contact registers signage. Additional troubleshooting information is available.
  • Businesses can use their own device with SafeWA installed to help check in patrons. This is an option if a patron does not have mobile phone reception to check themselves in.
  • A manual contact register is an alternative if a mobile device is not an option.
  • Place contact registers and QR codes in multiple places throughout the business. This will help remind people they need to check in and prevent people from crowding around one location.
Page reviewed 2 March 2021