COVID-19 coronavirus: SafeWA

SafeWA is the WA Government's free online contact register app that's easy to use, safe and contactless.

Last updated: 21 December 2020 at 1.09pm

About the SafeWA app 

It is mandatory for particular businesses and venues to maintain a contact register by collecting contact details of patrons attending their premises, including customers, staff, contractors and visitors.

To assist businesses, the WA Government has developed a free app, SafeWA, which is a digital contact register system.

SafeWA is an efficient and safe way to record patron and visitor contact details where they can check-in using the app. 

The use of this app is not mandatory, but it is encouraged.

Download the SafeWA app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store now.

SafeWA app updates

The SafeWA app has been updated to improve usability.

For individuals, this includes:

  • sound confirmation for check-in (if your device is not on silent mode, you will hear a distinct sound confirming you have checked in correctly)
  • being able to see the last place you checked into
  • making it easier to add multiple people to your check-in.

For businesses, this includes:

  • the option of a SafeWA QR code pack being sent for each venue, instead of each business, making it easier for large businesses with multiple venues
  • enabling you to delete a venue or scan location from your account, which is particularly useful for temporary venues or scan locations.

To access these improvements, you need to update the SafeWA app on your device.

Page reviewed 7 January 2021