Online payroll tax

Assess and pay payroll tax using electronic lodgment (Revenue Online).

Through Online Payroll Tax (Revenue Online), you can

  • modify wage details
  • modify name and address information
  • pay instalments if approved for a tax payment arrangement
  • view all statements and a history of your online transactions
  • view online transactions for each return period
  • if an Administrator - manage employees' user access rights to suit your business needs.

You must agree to the terms and conditions of use.

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Insolvency practitioners

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Access payroll tax information, such as wages declared and tax paid, of insolvent clients under your administration.

Notify us in writing within 14 days of being appointed as a representative of an insolvent client, or if you stop representing the client.

You must

  • advise us if the insolvent client has any ongoing payroll tax liability, or provide us with the date on which the client has stopped paying wages
  • lodge all outstanding payroll tax returns and
  • pay post-appointment liabilities in full.

We may impose penalties for late lodgment and late payment.

Email us for pre- and post-appointment matters and proof of debt enquiries.

Outstanding returns and annual reconciliation

Online Payroll Tax provides a wage breakdown function which automatically totals the wage payments that constitute either taxable or exempt wages and calculates the amount of tax payable.

Annual reconciliations must be completed by 21 July, or earlier if the individual clients’ circumstances require it.

All WA wages must be lodged for the entire current financial period. If the insolvent client pays interstate wages, lodge the Australian taxable wage details for the entire current financial period.


Make payment for any outstanding returns from the date you are appointed to manage the insolvent entity. If you are appointed part way through a particular month, you will need to manually calculate the liability for that month. This can be calculated using the following formula

Amount to pay = number of days appointed, divided by total number of days in the month, times tax calculated.

The amount of tax calculated displayed on the ‘Payroll Tax Lodgment’ screen is based on the liability for the entire month.

Accessing client details

After you have notified us of your appointment as the representative of an insolvent client, you will need to get permission to access the client’s account from their account administrator.  Their administrator will need to appoint you within Online Payroll tax as an administrator with full access/rights. The system allows up to three administrators. If your client can't appoint you as required, contact us to request access to their account.


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