Department of Finance

We are a central agency that provides leadership and strategic advice across the public sector to support the delivery of services throughout Western Australia.
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What we do

Finance’s central agency role is vital within the WA Government to sustain and grow the economy while supporting communities.

Our services are diverse, reflecting our commitment to excellence across five core areas: Advise, Build, Buy, Collect, and Deliver. 


Provide strategic advice across WA Government on reform projects, project and asset management, procurement and policy.


Plan, deliver and manage fit-for-purpose solutions for major community infrastructure projects and government office accommodation.


Facilitate delivery of corporate services, using insights and leading technologies to continuously innovate and improve.

Ministerial reporting

Corporate executive

Make a Freedom of Information request

In accordance with Part 5, section 94 of the Freedom of Information Act 1992, the Department of Finance has prepared a FOI information statement. This contains details of the types of information held by this Office and how they can be accessed.