Department of Justice Organisational Structure

The Department of Justice supports the community, Western Australian Government, judiciary and Parliament through the provision of access to high quality justice, legal and corrective services, information and products.

The Department was established in 2017 as part of a major reform of the Western Australian public sector. Organisation structure as at May 2022.

Department of Justice, WA Organisational Structure

The Corrective Services Division

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National Correctons Day 2021 Gallery.The Corrective Services division undertakes a complex and diverse role in managing its responsibility for the State’s adult prison and youth detention populations, as well as adults and young people living in the community, who are being managed by community corrections. The key priorities are community safety, rehabilitation and operating in an ethical and transparent way.

Corrective Services employs approximately 4,901 staff and has an operating budget of almost $1.029 billion, supplemented by prison industries which provided more than $11 million worth of produce and services across the prison estate this year.

The geographical span of Corrective Services operations is vast, with prisons and community corrections offices located from Wyndham in the north, to Warburton in the east and Albany in the south.

Corrective Services is led by Acting Commissioner, Mr Mike Reynolds, who reports to the Director General of the Department of Justice, Dr Adam Tomison. The Minister whose portfolio covers Corrective Services is the Honourable Bill Johnston MLA.

The Corrective Services Division encompasses:

Adult Male Prisons

The Adult Male Prisons Directorate is responsible for four public metropolitan male prisons, eight regional prisons (three for men and five for men and women), one private metropolitan male prison, five regional male work camps and the State-wide prison industries.

The Directorate works to ensure prisons are safely and securely managed and that male prisoners are treated with respect, while being offered education and training opportunities as part of their overall rehabilitative journey.

Women and Young People

This directorate is responsible for managing the unique needs of both female prisoners and young people in custody and in the community, with a program of reform and improvement designed to address the needs of these two unique cohorts.

It is responsible for four metropolitan female prisons, the female populations housed within the five female estates in regional prisons, Banksia Hill Detention Centre - the State’s only youth detention facility, and young offenders being managed in the community.

Offender Services

Offender Services has a focus on rehabilitation and the management of offenders in the community. It is comprised of Adult Community Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reintegration services, Health Services branch and Mental Health and Alcohol and other Drugs branch.

Operational Support

This directorate has a critical role in maintaining and increasing security across the prison estate and delivering improvements to Corrective Services and the Department. This work contributes to community safety through the provision of security and response services across the prison estate, delivery of intelligence services to identify security and safety risks, management of the Corrective Services Academy, contract management and oversight of prisons services and court and security custodial services and the development, maintenance and compliance monitoring of Corrective Services operational standards and procedures

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