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Share your ideas on how we can improve regulation and regulatory practice in WA.

Have you got an idea to improve regulation and make it easier to do business in WA?
Share your ideas at any time using the form below or upload a prepared submission.

You can also mail your prepared submission to:

Streamline WA Secretariat
Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892

Submissions are treated as public documents and will be published on our website.

You may choose for your name and contact details to be removed from your submission before publishing. Submissions received from government agencies and representative organisations will be published with name and contact details displayed.

Individuals who don’t want their submission to be published, should mark it as confidential.

Streamline WA reserves the right to not publish any material that is derogatory, defamatory or clearly out of scope of the initiative.  

Tips for preparing a submission

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  • Don’t include material whose copyright you don’t own, such as newspaper articles. Reference or link to this material in your submission instead.
  • Don’t include other people’s personal details (home and email address and phone and fax numbers) in your submission.
  • Don’t submit password protected files.
  • Remove any tracked changes, internal links and hidden text from your document before submitting.
  • Upload documents, files and attachments with a maximum size of up to 10Mb.

What happens to your idea?

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All submissions are assessed and prioritised against criteria approved by the Streamline WA Steering Committee. Eligible submissions are referred to a government agency which will work collaboratively with government, industry and community to explore and progress the proposed reforms.

We will give priority to submissions that propose reforms that:

  • Reduce the costs and difficulties of meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Make it easier for businesses and industry to interact with government.
  • Improve regulatory practice across government.
  • Diversify the economy and create more jobs for Western Australians.
Page reviewed 18 October 2019