Peel region scheme

The Peel Region Scheme (PRS) guides land use and provides the legal basis for planning in the Peel Region. The area includes the local government boundaries of the City of Mandurah and the shires of Murray and Waroona.

The PRS defines the future use of land, dividing it into broad zones and reservations. It requires local government town planning schemes to provide detailed plans for their respective parts of the region. These schemes must be consistent with the PRS.

Zones, reservations and special control areas

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The PRS divides land in the region into zones, reservations and special control areas that are shown on the scheme map.


Urban: Areas in which a range of activities are undertaken, including residential, commercial recreational and light industry.

Urban deferred: Land identified for future urban uses following the extension of urban services, the progressive development of adjacent urban areas, and resolution of any environmental and planning requirements relating to development. The WAPC must be satisfied that these issues have been addressed before rezoning to Urban.

Regional centre: Strategic regional centres for major retail, commercial and office facilities as well as employment, civic, business and residential uses.

Industrial: Land in which manufacture, processing, warehousing and related activities are undertaken.

Rural: Land in which a range of agricultural, extractive and conservation uses are undertaken.

Private recreation: Areas of significance to the region's recreation resource, which are, or are proposed to be managed by the private sector.


Regional open space: Land of regional significance for ecological, recreation or landscape purposes.

Railways: Provides for public transit routes, freight rail lines and associated facilities such as marshalling yards, maintenance depots and park'n'ride stations.

State forests: Areas of woodland located on Crown land managed under the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984.

Waterways: Permanent inland and coastal waters including any substantial rivers and reservoirs.

Primary regional roads: These are the most important of the roads of regional significance in the planned road network, and which are currently or proposed to be declared under the Main Roads Act 1930.

Other regional roads: These are roads of regional significance in the planned road network for which the planning responsibilities are shared by the WAPC and local governments.

Public purposes: Land for public facilities such as hospitals, schools, universities, utilities for electricity and water treatment of wastewater, Commonwealth government and other special uses.

Special Control Areas

Special Control Area No 1 - Water Catchments: Water sources protected for high quality public water supply. These areas have strict controls on land use to avoid harm to the water resource.

Special Control Area No. 2 - Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour Buffers: identifies land likely to be affected by odours associated with wastewater treatment infrastructure. The purpose of the control area is to ensure the development of land is compatible with the operation of wastewater treatment infrastructure.

Scheme text, policies, and maps

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Legislation, policies and maps relating to the PRS.

PRS amendments

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An amendment to the PRS changes the zoning or reservation of land to allow for a different land use.

Below are active and recently finalised PRS Amendments.  Copies of previous PRS amendments archived and available on request.

Request archived PRS amendments

How long does a PRS amendment take?

In general, a major PRS amendment usually takes 24 months to complete, depending on the environmental assessment process, the number of submissions and requests for hearings. The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) will consider all submissions before making a recommendation to the Minister for Planning.

PRS amendments for public comment

There are currently no PRS amendments for public comment. 

PRS amendments in progress


PRS amendments finalised

Archived PRS amendments

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PRS amendments made in the last two years can be viewed online. All archived amendments can be found below.

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Archived PRS Minor Amendments

  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 013/57 - Gordon Road Planning Precinct and Greenfields Omnibus 3 
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 014/57 - Lot 40 Elliott Street Waroona 
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 016/57 - Special Control Area No 2 - Gordon Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour Buffer 
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 017/57 - North Yunderup Wilgie Creek 
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 019/57 - Mandurah Transit Station Precinct
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 020/57 - Pinjarra (West) Townsite Expansion - Northern Precinct
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 021/57 - Pinjarra (West) Townsite Expansion - Southern Precinct
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 022/57 - Lot 14 Murray River Drive, South Yunderup
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 023/57 - Lot 100 Nairn Road, Coodanup
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 025/57 - Forrest Highway Environmental Offsets
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 029/57 - Updates to the Peel Region Scheme Text - Report on Submissions
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 032/57 - Lot 137 Pinjarra Road, Furnissdale
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 033/57 Modification of the Regional Roads Reservation - Pinjarra and Old Mandurah Roads
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 034/57 - Furnissdale (West) Urban Expansion
  • Peel Region Scheme Minor Amendment 035/57 - Madora Bay (North)
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 036/57 - Expansion of Industrial Zone - Alcoa Pinjarra Refinery
  • Peel Region Scheme Minor Amendment 037/57 - Lot 108 Mandjoogoordap Drive, Parkland
  • Peel Region Scheme Minor Amendment 039/57 - Lakelands North
  • Peel Region Scheme Minor Amendment 040/57 - Regional Reservations
  • Peel Region Scheme Minor Amendment 042/57 - Lot 1 Napier Road, Oakley – Reconfiguration Of Industrial Zone

Archived PRS Major Amendments

  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 030/41 - South Western Highway - Waroona Deviation
  • Peel Region Scheme Major Amendment 031/41 - North Dandalup Townsite Expansion

Archived PRS Amendments under Section 33A of the Metropolitan Region Town Planning Scheme and under Clause 13 of the Peel Region Scheme

  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 002/33A - General Omnibus (No. 1)
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 003/33A - Stingray Point Foreshore Rationalisation
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 004/33A - Extension to Special Control Area No. 1 - Water Catchments (Dwellingerup Brook)
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 005/33A - Pinjarra-Williams Road Primary Regional Roads Reservation
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 006/33A - Furnissdale Neighbourhood Commercial and Service Commercial Precinct
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 007/33A - General Omnibus (No. 2)
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 008/33A - Structures in Artificial Waterways
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 009/33A - Expansion of Industrial Zone (Pinjarra) Alcoa of Australia Limited, Residue Storage Area
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 011/33 - Pinjarra Road (Mandurah) Other Regional Roads Reservation
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 012/33A - Regional open space - West Pinjarra
  • Peel Region Scheme Amendment 027/13 - Lot 803 North Yunderup Road, North Yunderup
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