About Services at the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia

The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia offers a wide range of education opportunities.

The Constitutional Centre provides information and education in a variety of formats, giving individuals, groups, and school students the opportunity to learn about our State and Commonwealth systems of government and explore current issues.

Our services can be broken down into three areas: Online Education, School Excursions, and Community Education. Please see more information about each of these offerings below, along with the general liability Certificate of Currency, and information on evacuation procedures at the Constitutional Centre.

Online Education Programs

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New to the Centre in 2022 is a range of online learning programs, ready for direct implementation into classrooms or at home for students. 

These programs are compatible with a wide range of classroom technologies, and allow students to experience the high quality civics education provided by the Constitutional Centre from the comfort of their regular learning environment.

All online programs come with background and teaching notes (including lesson plans) allowing teachers to easily implement the curriculum based courses in their classrooms. 

To see which programs are now also offered in an online format, and to request access, please see our School Programs page.

Online Education Programs FAQs

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How do I access a program?

To access a program please locate the program you are interested in on our School Programs page, and click the Online Access button - this will take you to a request form.

Please fill out and submit this form and you will receive a link to the program via email. Once you receive the link you can access the program as often as you need to.


What do the programs contain?

Our programs are based on the civics outcomes within the Western Australian Curriculum. Each program contains a variety of information, interactive learning activities and discussion points.  Lesson plans and background notes are available for each program, and will be sent to you with the program link. They are also available under additional resources on our School Programs page.

The programs are designed to be flexible in how they can be used by teachers, students and other interested individuals.


I am a teacher. How can I use these programs in my classroom?

Our programs are designed to be flexible in their implementation. When accessing the programs some classroom technology is required- an interactive whiteboard, projector and/or individual devices such as laptops would be ideal to use within a classroom setting.

We recommend that you test the program using your preferred device(s) before using it with your students.


I am a teacher. How will these programs benefit me?

These programs have many potential benefits for teachers. They are ready for implementation in a classroom, complete with lesson plan, and can be used as an introduction, during, or as a review of the particular topic.

The programs can be completed within a single class or across several, and various activities within them can be used to complement other lessons and activities within the classroom.

Additionally, these programs are a useful starting point If you wish to update your knowledge prior to teaching a particular civics topic.


I am a parent. Can I access these programs for my child to use?

Yes, parents are welcome to access these programs and they are ideal for parents to use, particularly in a home school setting. You will need a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or other similarly capable tablet.

The programs can assist parents in gaining background knowledge and information to support civics learning.

Some of the programs can be completed independently by children and young people at home, depending on their age and the particular program.


Are the online programs different to the in person programs taught at the Constitutional Centre?

Our online programs cover the same content and curriculum outcomes as their corresponding face to face programs. Activities are different as required by the different format, but both versions of each program deliver the same quality learning opportunities and content for students.


I like the content of a specific program. Will it be available online soon?

Our online programs are rolling out throughout 2022, with further programs released online as the year progresses. For more information and updates on the release of further programs please subscribe to our newsletter here.

If there’s a particular program you are interested in seeing online one day, please mention it in the program feedback form here, or email us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au.


Can I share the program link?

We request that you do not share the program link with anyone other than your students/child. If you know someone who is interested in using one of our programs please feel free to send them the link to our School Programs page where they can request access.

The request process is vital to the success of our online programs, and we thank you for encouraging others to fill out their own request if they are interested in accessing one of our programs.


I did not receive a link to the program after filling in a request form.

You should generally receive an email with the program link immediately after submitting a request form. If you have not, please check your junk mail or spam folders.

If you have not received an email within 24 hours of submitting a request form please contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au and we will respond to your email during business hours.


The program or additional resources link I was sent does not work.

Please ensure your web browser is up-to date (Google Chrome is recommended).

If the link is still not working, please contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au and we will respond to your email during business hours.


The program does not work properly on my classroom Smartboard.

Full program functionality is not available on all smartboards. For best results please ensure your smartboard device is operating on the most current software and firmware.

If you are still having issues please reach out to us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au 


How can I provide feedback about a program?

We welcome your feedback. You can either provide this via our program feedback form, or you can email us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au 

School Excursions

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The Centre offers free educational sessions to school groups from our location in West Perth. A list of the programs available and the link to make a booking is available on our School Programs page.

The required insurance Certificate of Currency along with information regarding emergency procedures are attached at the bottom of this page.

All educators at the Centre hold a current Working With Children check.

School Excursions FAQs

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Is there parking available?

There is a bus bay outside the Centre for drop off and pick up of students, along with a large amount of paid street parking on Havelock Street and Parliament Place. 


Can you teach more than one class at the same time?

Unfortunately we are only able to actively teach one class per session. If you have more than one class attending we recommend you also book with other activities such as the Electoral Education Centre or Parliament House, so your students can rotate. 

If unable to book elsewhere we have a self-led activity which may be suitable for your students. Contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au to discuss further if you believe you will require this. 


How many students can I bring?

We are able to take a maximum of 36 students per session, and run three sessions a day. This means if you have booked external activities for your students to rotate with, you can bring a maximum of 108 students to the Centre per day. 

If you have more students than this please either book sessions across multiple days, or contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au to discuss options. 


How much does it cost?

All education sessions at the Constitutional Centre are provided free of charge. 


What will my students learn about during their visit?

A description of all the programs we offer is available on the School Programs page of our website. 


How long is a session? 

Our sessions run for one hour, and we encourage all groups to be assembled ready in the courtyard at least 5 minutes before your session is due to commence. 

With advance notice we may be able to accommodate different session durations should your group require it. 


Can I book a specific program for my students if they are not in the recommended year level? 

All of the programs offered at the Constitutional Centre have been developed to link closely with specific Civics and Citizenship outcomes in the WA Curriculum, and as such are designed to meet the educational needs of the specified year group. 

We do not recommend booking a program aimed at a different year level than your students for an excursion visit unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you believe this is the case, please contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au to discuss your options further. 


I teach a split year class. Can I still bring my students?

If you are bringing multiple split classes, we recommend sorting the students into year groups for their rotation to ensure the best possible education outcomes. 

If unable to split the students or you are only bringing one class please book the program that best reflects the capabilities of the majority of your students, and leave a note in the booking request form to say you will be bringing a split class so our educators can prepare appropriately. 


There are student/s with a disability in my class. Can you accommodate them? 

We welcome everyone at the Constitutional Centre. If there are students within your class that have specific needs please provide details of this in your booking request form so our educators can prepare appropriately. 

If you would like to discuss the needs of your students further please contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au


Can I book with the Electoral Education Centre or Parliament House through you?

The Constitutional Centre, the Electoral Education Centre, and Parliament House are all separate organisations and sessions are to be booked independently. 


I tried to book online but there are no sessions showing on that day. Can I still book?

If there are no sessions showing on our bookings calendar we are not able to teach on that day. Please choose a day with dark green (available) session options to book. 


What do we need to bring? 

We request that students bring their own pencil case to assist with Covid-19 safety measures- all other necessary classroom materials are provided. Students may also bring a water bottle and food for recess/lunch to eat before or after their visit in the courtyard or grassed area at the front of the building. Please encourage students to bring a small bag, as storage space is limited. 

Teachers will need to bring a first aid kit and any paperwork as required by their school’s excursion policy (such as student health information). Teachers maintain a duty of care towards their students at all times while visiting the Constitutional Centre. 


What documentation do I need for our excursion? 

Common documents required when organising excursions are located at the bottom of the page, including the General Liability Certificate of Currency, and a document with information regarding emergency procedures. 

You will also receive a booking confirmation via email once the details of your booking are finalised. 


How will Covid-19 impact my visit to the Constitutional Centre? 

At the Constitutional Centre we are taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as per the current health advice. 

This includes encouraging students to bring their own high contact items such as pens and pencils, regular sanitation of high touchpoint and shared surfaces, and social distancing in the classroom where appropriate. All visitors to the Centre over the age of 16 must check in using the SafeWA or ServiceWA app. 

Should you become aware before or immediately after your visit that any students or assisting teachers/helpers in your class are close contacts of a positive Covid-19 case please contact us immediately. We may be required to cancel upcoming bookings at short notice as a result of changing COVID-19 restrictions. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in these instances and will work with you to reschedule where possible.

Community Education

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The Centre welcomes requests from individuals and community groups for educational sessions, seminars and tours regarding the nature of Australia’s systems of government and its history.

We are also able to offer sessions on civics and citizenship to university students (such as pre-service teachers), TAFE classes, and recent migrant groups.

We don’t offer standard programs for these sessions, but are instead able to customise a program to match your required education outcomes. 

All visits to the Centre must be booked in advance- we are unable to offer walk-in education or tours. If you are interested in visiting the Centre please fill out this form or contact us at cceducation@dpc.wa.gov.au


Community Education FAQs

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Can you give me a copy of the Constitution?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide physical copies of the Constitution to members of the public.

A digital version of the Australian Constitution can be accessed on the Parliament of Australia website here, or a hard copy can be purchased from the Parliamentary Education Office here.

The Western Australian Constitution is found in several Acts of Parliament. The key documents are the Western Australia Constitution Act 1889, and the Western Australian Constitution Amendment Act 1899.


Can you give me advice on a Constitutional law matter?

The Centre is primarily an education institution, and we are unable to provide advice on any legal matters.


Is there parking available?

There is paid street parking available near the Centre on Havelock Street and Parliament Place.

The Centre is also easily accessible by public transport, conveniently located within a short walk of Red and Green CAT bus stops.


Can I visit on the weekend/evening?

Unfortunately we can only facilitate education sessions during regular business hours, 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.


Can I learn about a specific issue during a visit?

Where possible our educators are more than willing to cover any civics topic you are interested in, within the areas of their expertise.

If there is a specific topic you would like to learn more about please mention it when requesting your visit, and our educator will be in touch if there are any issues.


Page reviewed 1 February 2022