Reducing red tape

We're encouraging investment opportunities across WA.

Last updated: 26 July 2020 at 12.00am

Investment opportunities

Unlocking barriers to private investment is another important step in WA’s recovery. Major reforms to the State’s planning system are driving economic activity, protecting jobs and creating new opportunities for Western Australians.

Investing $2.3 million will help 20 local governments identify opportunities to reform approvals processes, and new laws will simplify approvals for mining, tourism and other developments.

A new portal, Environmental Online, is also being developed through $20 million in WA and Commonwealth Government funding. The portal will reduce approval processes by 6 to 12 months, so new projects get underway sooner.

State recovery infographic for reducing red tape

Mining opportunities

Unlocking future mining opportunities and accelerating exploration investment is also an integral part of keeping WA in a strong economic position.

Initiatives include building on the industry’s understanding of the state’s geoscience, encouraging exploration activities and ultimately kick-starting new projects across WA.

Amendments to mining regulations will reduce assessment timeframes for exploration applications, fast-tracking new opportunities.

A $7 million allocation will expand the Joe Lord Core Library’s capacity. This world-class facility in Kalgoorlie stores core samples that contain valuable geoscientific information for exploration companies and others seeking new mineral discoveries.

Page reviewed 26 July 2020