Small business needs your business

Small businesses across Western Australia are the lifeblood of our communities, and right now, they need your business to keep them going during this difficult time.
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Look local

Look for shops that are still open in your local area, and consider how you can change your shopping habits to help them out. For example, could you do your regular shopping with a small business? Take a look around your neighbourhood, you may just find your new favourite local shop, café or grocery store.

Dine in, order in or take away a meal

Some cafés, restaurants and pubs are open for limited dine-in services. Call ahead to make a booking, as there are limits to how many people can be in cafés and restaurants at a time. Alternatively, continue to support those still offering takeaway foods or delivery services. Check with your favourite restaurant, café or pub to see what they might have available, and order a great night in.

Ask “Do you do deliver?”

A number of businesses are now offering delivery or pick-up services. If you are looking to buy something from a small business, contact them to see if they can bring it to you, or offer a contactless pick-up or drop-off. And remember to keep 1.5m from other people where it is practical.

Try exercising online, or in small groups

Many gyms, yoga and dance studios are offering online video sessions. Contact your local studio or gym to see what they may be offering. Outdoor and indoor fitness classes following the 100/300 rule are permitted. For more details, see current restrictions.

Get creative

Many of us have more time on our hands, and it could be a time to pick up a new hobby or get working on a creative project. There may be local craft suppliers that can help you get started and give you the inspiration to get going. Some online stores may be closer than you think.

Keep an eye out for the arts

A number of artists and musicians are using creative ways to bring their art to you, such as through online concerts and gallery showings, as well as new collaborations with other businesses. Look out for ways that you might be able to buy tickets to an online show, purchase their merchandise or pick up a new work to help support the arts industry. 

Car or bike due for a tune-up?

For many of us that are working from home, it may be an ideal time to get your car serviced. Some local mechanics and service centres are offering to pick up and drop off your car, and will wipe down the key surfaces before they return it to you. If you don’t have a car, consider if it is time to get your bicycle serviced to keep it in top condition.

Call in the trades

As we are spending more time at home, you may have noticed that there is more that needs to be done around the house. It is still possible to get a plumber, carpenter, handyman or other tradie to do jobs around your house, just make sure that you adhere to the physical distancing rules. They will be thankful for your business.

Catch up with a good book, puzzle or game

Now might be the ideal time to make it through that book that you’ve always wanted to read, pick up a puzzle or get some new board games to help the hours inside pass quicker. You may even get a new recommendation for a book or game that becomes your new favourite.

Time to hit the road

Take this time to explore WA, booking local accommodation and supporting our local and regional small businesses. If you are still unable to attend the tours or other activities you had booked, do those operators a favour and postpone rather than cancel your booking. A number of small businesses will be able to hold your payments as a credit to book at a later time.

Tech support

If you are now working from home and having computer troubles, your nearest technical support for your computer may be closer than you think. Look local and see if there is a small computer shop or technician that may be able to help fix your issues fast.

Haircuts and beauty services are OK

Hairdressers, barbers and beauty services are operating, provided they maintain 2 square metres between clients and keep personal contact to a minimum. Be aware that some salons may require you to make a booking, so best to give them a call before you visit their shop.

Show your support on social media

Another way you can help local businesses is to follow, like and share their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media posts. This helps let others know that they are still operating, and you just might come across some great offers or discover new products. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Page reviewed 22 June 2020
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