WA Recovery: Developing industry

We're supporting the growth and development of new and established industries.

Last updated: 16 December 2020 at 11.42am

Growing local

Boosting local manufacturing and keeping funds in WA is a priority in aiding the recovery effort.

We want to see local businesses benefit from manufacturing work and continue to employ Western Australians. This also broadens the state’s economic base and activates new industries, laying a foundation for future jobs growth.

We are also ensuring serviced land is available to support the growth and development of new and established industries.

This will help fast-track private sector investment and deliver new job opportunities around key industry hubs throughout WA.

Girl feeding fish in aquaculture nursery

Case study: A Geraldton marine finfish nursery is expected to create 20 immediate construction jobs and hundreds more when it is operating at full capacity.

Investing in renewable energy

We are investing significantly in new energy technologies to expand the state’s renewable hydrogen industry and generate opportunities in renewable technologies.

More renewable energy and batteries are being installed on WA Government networks and State-owned assets, particularly in regional and remote communities. This will improve reliability and help lower energy costs.

The WA Government will also work with the private sector to bring forward clean energy research, investment and deployment.

Developing the renewable energy sector will help set up other new industries, including manufacturing, and broaden export markets.

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Building the skills WA needs

Rebuilding TAFE and reskilling our workforce is another important recovery initiative. To accelerate this, we are committing $229.2 million to rebuild our TAFEs and help thousands of Western Australians access TAFE training courses, with massive cuts to fees and many free short courses.

New and upgraded specialist facilities with high-tech equipment will be constructed under the largest ever capital funding program for TAFE in WA.

A focus on accelerating infrastructure will expand WA’s defence industry capability. This will increase the state’s already strong footprint in marine repair, maintenance and construction.

It will also further develop WA’s defence readiness and leverage our world-class skills and training.

Industry development initiatives complement the State’s commitment to increasing regional suppliers through our Buy Local Policy, building long-term regional jobs.

Page reviewed 16 December 2020