South west native forest harvest plans

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) releases information each year on the native forest coupes which are planned to be harvested in full or in part during the forthcoming year.

These harvest plans identify areas of native forest scheduled for timber harvesting under the Forest Management Plan 2014 -2023 (FMP) (Management Activity 65).

The information includes a list of forest coupes, associated estimates of sawlog yield, some explanation on the data contained in the plan, and two supporting maps to identify where the coupes are located. The order or priority for harvest in these coupes is not incorporated in the annual harvest plan.

A list of the current harvest operations, including region, forest and operation type is available below.

Maps for individual coupes are available on request from the FPC, as they become available, and where practicable.

Additionally, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) releases a three-year indicative harvest plan which outlines harvest coupes that are under consideration. The coupes listed on the three-year harvest plan are then used to develop FPC's one-year harvest plans.

Each new annual harvest plan includes a listing of coupes that have been carried forward from previous year’s plans. These coupes may have been partially harvested or, due to operational constraints, may not have yet commenced.

Image of karri re-growth forest

One-year indicative timber harvest plan

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The one-year indicative timber harvest plan has been prepared in accordance with the Forest Management Plan (FMP),the DBCA’s three-year indicative harvest plan, and in consultation with DBCA The one-year indicative harvest plans are  available below for 2019 – 2022.

The plan includes a list of native forest coupes throughout the south-west forests that are scheduled to be harvested in full or in part during the relevant year. Details of the plan, including maps and associated coupe lists and sawlog volume estimates are available below for each of the resource supply zones: northern and southern. Qualifying notations are included with the coupe listings for both zones.

Modifications to the plan, including identification of additional carryover coupes, and final operational boundaries in individual coupes may be made as detailed planning and implementation progresses.

The default sawlog targets used for the plans are within the FMP allowable harvest levels. Further contingency volumes indicated for carryover coupes are included in the plan.

2019 harvest plans

2020 harvest plans

2021 harvest plans

2022 harvest plans


Current harvest operations

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A list of the current harvest operations, including region, forest and operation type is available from the link below.

FPC: Current harvest operations

Navigate directly to the relevant months below. 


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Members of the public and interested organisations are invited to provide feedback, or register their specific interest about the harvest plan to:

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Phone: 61 8 9363 4627

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