COVID-19 coronavirus: Public sector advice

Advice for the public sector regarding COVID-19 coronavirus.

Below you can find a range of resources containing relevant advice and guidance:

Workforce arrangements

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Advice and circulars from Public Sector Labour Relations on measures to support employers responding to pandemic-related workforce issues.

Remote working

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      Helping agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic prepare and facilitate remote working arrangements, including working from home where it is practicable to do so.

      Maintaining integrity during crises

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      The resources below assist leaders and integrity practitioners within public authorities to maintain integrity and risks during crises.



      Public Sector Commission

      Assistance to senior leadership teams on integrity matters as they relate to the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003Public Sector Management Act 1994. Send an email or leave a voice message detailing the nature of the call.  
      +61 6552 8888

      Corruption and Crime Commission
      +61 8 9215 4888 or 1800 809 000

      Allegation hotline

      The hotline is currently not staffed due to COVID-19 coronavirus.
      Please leave a message detailing the nature of the matter.

      1800 803 186

      Page reviewed 24 January 2022