Apply for a National Disaster Risk Reduction grant

The National Disaster Risk Reduction (NDRR) Grant Program is for projects that make the Western Australian community more resilient to disasters caused by natural hazards.
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Opening date and time: 8:00 am 28 November 2023

Closing date and time: 12:00 pm (noon) 16 January 2024

What is the NDRR?

The Western Australian Government has a National Partnership Agreement with the Commonwealth to fund projects that deliver on the priorities and goals of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework (NDRRF). In Western Australia the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) coordinates the distribution of this funding via the NDRR grant program. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) administers the NDRR on behalf of the SEMC.

The NDRR supports projects that:

  • take action to reduce existing disaster risk
  • minimise creation of future disaster risk
  • equip decision-makers with the capabilities and information they need to reduce disaster risk and manage residual risk

What is the CDRS?

The Community Disaster Resilience Strategy (CDRS) supports a collaborative and community led approach to disaster resilience. The strategic focus of the CDRS is divided into four Key Priority Areas designed to give community organisations a mechanism to deliver resilience building efforts that align with their strategic plans. They are:

  • Broaden emergency management
  • Work locally to increase preparedness
  • Collaborate to reduce vulnerability
  • Heal people and communities

Eligible organisations

An organisation may submit multiple applications and will be asked in the application process to prioritise their projects. Organisations that are eligible to apply for NDRR grants are:

  • State government agencies
  • Local governments
  • Government trading entities
  • Incorporated organisations
  • Not-for-profit organisations

Project funding

The 2024-25 final NDRR grant round will make a total of $2.5 million available for eligible projects under 2 funding streams. Project application must specify the funding stream the application is being submitted.

Funding Category

Stream 1

Stream 2


$1.0 million to fund projects aimed at reducing disaster risk and building community resilience in alignment with the NDRRF.$1.5 million to fund projects aimed at enhancing disaster resilience within communities in alignment with CDRS in addition to the NDRRF.

Project Criteria

Projects address at least one of each of the:


Projects address at least one of each of the:

Projects must be delivered in WA and be aimed at reducing disaster risk through improved community resilience, rather than contributing to disaster relief, response, or recovery activities.

To check if your project is eligible, read the NDRR Grant Guidelines.

Not every project that meets the criteria will be funded. Eligible projects must be successful in a competitive, merit-based assessment process to receive funding.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted through the online portal.

A sample application form is available for applicants for reference on the SEMC website. Please note applications received through any other channels such as emails or post will not be accepted.

Frequently asked questions

NDRR Grant Guidelines

Application Form