State Records Management Support

The State Records Office provides advice on all aspects of records management.

The State Records Office provides a consultative and advisory service to local and State government organisations throughout Western Australia. The SRO team aims to assist with best practice records and information management and compliance with recordkeeping standards. 

If you need specialist advice with any aspect of records management please contact us at


The State Records Office produces a range of guides and other material to assist your orgnisation with best practice recordkeeping.

While State Records Office publications are developed primarily for the public sector, they can also be of use to the private sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID-19 - Do I have to register the COVID-19 contact lists in my EDRMS or BIS?

As the registers are short term records, it will not be necessary to scan the hard copy contact registers into the Organisation’s EDRMS.  It will double your work load by scanning and then disposing of both hard copy and electronic.

COVID-19 - Does the CEO have to authorise the destruction of each batch of COVID-19 Contact Registers?

As these records are only required to be kept for 28 days it would be advisable for your organisation to set up a standing order for the destruction after the required retention period.

The SRO recommends that the contact registers are disposed of as soon as the 28 day retention period has expired. Where this is not possible please make sure the registers as kept in a secure location to prevent unlawful access to the personal information they contain.

New Records Management Plan (RMP) - How do I proceed if my organisation's new or amended RMP is due this year, and I want to use the new RMP template?

Please contact us to discuss the submission date for your RMP.  In the meantime, we recommend you review, and, where necessary, update the following documents in preparation for completing your RMP once the new template is available:

  • Policy and procedures covering all major aspects of recordkeeping in your organisation (e.g. records capture and control, security and access, digitization, disposal, etc.)
  • File plan / thesaurus
  • Disaster Management Plan 

Organisations will be advised once the RMP template has been approved by the State Records Commission and available for use.


Records Management Advice Sheets

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The State Records Office also publishes a number of Records Management Advice Sheets. These are short guides covering a range of records management topics. 

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