Report an Aboriginal Heritage site or an offence against one

Preservation of Aboriginal sites is afforded by Section 17 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 and Regulations 6 to 10 of the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 1974.

How to report a site

To provide information about a possible Aboriginal Site please use the Heritage Information Submission Form (opens in new window).This can also be used to provide additional information about a registered Aboriginal site or other heritage place.

Refer to Aboriginal heritage search if you wish to access online or hardcopy information on Aboriginal sites and other heritage places.

Under section 15 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 the reporting of a site is compulsory:

Any person who has knowledge of the existence of any thing in the nature of Aboriginal burial grounds, symbols or objects of sacred, ritual or ceremonial significance, cave or rock paintings or engravings, stone structures or arranged stones, carved trees, or of any other place or thing to which this Act applies or to which this Act might reasonably be suspected to apply shall report its existence to the Registrar, or to a police officer, unless he has reasonable cause to believe the existence of the thing or place in question to be already known to the Registrar.

How to report damage

Offences in relation to Aboriginal sites

Preservation of Aboriginal sites and objects is afforded by Section 17 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 and Regulations 6 to 10 of the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 1974 which create offences.

An offence against the AHA by an individual is, depending on the circumstances, punishable by monetary penalties and imprisonment. An offence against the Regulations is punishable by a monetary penalty. An offence by a body corporate is punishable by a monetary fine and company officers may, in defined circumstances, also be charged.

How to report an offence

Report a damage to an Aboriginal site with the DPLH Investigations Unit

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